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Osprey Heroes

Brett Nolan

College of Arts and Sciences • Public Administration

For years, Brett Nolan has been involved in the Jacksonville community. Originally from the Mandarin area, Nolan has spent much of his time in the community working on preservation of historic properties and raising awareness.

“I would see things that needed some sprucing up and I found myself wishing someone would do something about it. It then occurred to me – ‘why couldn’t that someone be me,’” he said.

Nolan is the youngest board member on the Mandarin Community Club Board and has been volunteering with the Mandarin Museum and Historical Society, MMHS, for years. Nolan’s accomplishments do not stop there. He has been awarded the Keep Jacksonville Beautiful award for his work at the Annie Lytle Preservation Group, ALPG, restoring Mandarin’s historical road markers and organizing cleanups in a local neglected cemetery.

“While these things weren’t necessarily on campus, I believe I was doing my part representing what it means to be an Osprey outside the classroom,” Nolan said. “When volunteering, folks always asked me where I was going to school, and I took pride in telling them I go to the University of North Florida.”

His work has not gone unnoticed. Being a part of the ALPG, the group has been recognized by many, including the City of Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission. He is currently writing a column in the Mandarin Newsline entitled “Back in Time with Brett” where he writes about different historical places of interest in the Mandarin area.

“With Jacksonville being so large, it is hard for the City to do everything; when Ospreys take initiative, great things can get accomplished,” Nolan said.

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