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Amanda Lovins

College of Arts and Sciences • Dean's Office

Soon-to-be three-time alum and UNF employee, Amanda Lovins has been using her passion for giving back to change people's lives. From sewing over 200 masks during the COVID-19 pandemic to creating the UNF Walking Challenge, the associate director of staff support and administration for the College of Arts and Sciences, loves helping others.

Sewing Masks

Lovins learned the importance of personal protective equipment while she was an undergrad earning a degree in health with a concentration in community health. After hearing about the shortage of masks to protect the area's healthcare providers, she decided to sew masks herself.


Lovins has donated hundreds of her masks to Fleet Landing and other people in the UNF community. She uses her T-shirt press and vinyl cutter to make some fun and stylish designs.


"Being able to help the community made me feel like I was helping in a real way," Lovins said. "Staying home, working remotely and practicing social distancing is very important and makes a real change for people, but it just didn't feel like enough when I knew that I could do more."

UNF Walking Challenge

Lovins founded the UNF Walking Challenge in 2017 after her father, an avid walker, passed away. She teamed up with the Brooks College of Health and created the challenge to encourage fellow faculty, staff and students at UNF to get up and get moving.


"Participants can set their own goals, report steps and win prizes for being active," Lovins said. "In the four years that we have hosted this challenge, we have had 515 faculty, staff and students participate, and we collectively have walked approximately 39,000 miles."


Lovins has received tons of support from the UNF and Jacksonville community since starting the challenge, including more than $5,000 in donations, and she is grateful for all of the support.


"I love seeing positive change in people as a result of something I created or helped to facilitate," Lovins said.


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The things I do for UNF and the community are because I genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of those around me.