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Social Media Policies

YouTube Channel Policy

UNF's YouTube Channel highlights content from life on campus, classrooms and more.

Looking to establish a YouTube account for your department or program? First, identify if there is an overarching YouTube account that your department/program's videos should be housed.



Any departments/programs that fall under the Coggin College of Business, should house their videos under the Coggin College of Business Page. This allows Coggin YouTube to organize content related to their college under their account and create an individual playlist for each department/program.

  • Coggin College of Business has established their own account.
  • Coggin has established a playlist for the UNF Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Have questions about where your videos should live? Contact UNF's social media team by emailing

Getting Started

If you find that there has not been an overarching account established for your department/program to be housed under, you can sign up for a YouTube channel directly through YouTube's website. Before establishing a new UNF related account, please read over UNF's social media guidelines.


Tips when creating an account:

  • Establish a professional UNF employee as the YouTube administrator (students should only be used as secondary admins)
  • Sign up for a channel directly through YouTube's website.
  • Use a UNF affiliated email address to establish an account
  • Choose a username that is appropriate to your unit
  • Record log in credentials
  • Once the channel has been created, please submit the UNF Social Media Agreement Form.

Your department/program responsible for managing your YouTube account, producing and posting your own videos and are also responsible for seeing that the videos posted to your channel comply with UNF's social media guidelines. Each video posted on your channel should be branded as coming from UNF in addition to being branded specific to your department/program.


Have more questions? Contact UNF's social media team by emailing