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Press Release for Tuesday, July 30, 2019

University of North Florida Student-Created Sculpture Inaugural Online Auction

Media Contact: Joanna Norris, Director
Department of Public Relations
(904) 620-2102

For the first time in the history of the University of North Florida, sculpture students will have their uniquely crafted original artwork auctioned online for First Coast residents to enjoy in their communities, homes or places of work.


"I'm excited that this will be the first auction of student work at UNF," said Dr. Jenny Hager, UNF sculpture professor. "My hope is that these incredible pieces will receive permanent homes in the Jacksonville community-in city parks, public areas, local businesses and private residences."


The online auction will take place Thursday, Aug. 15, and will run through Friday, Aug. 30, on auction website. There will be a competitive bidding process with the minimum bid starting at $1,200. Photos and auction details can be found on the sculpture auction web page.


Seven sculptures created by UNF sculpture students will be auctioned as is. The sculptures up for sale are as follows:

  • "Pop Jellies" 2018 by senior Jenn Peek, steel and fiberglass
  • "Jumbo Shrimp," 2018 by almuna Olivia Warro, steel
  • "Strombus Alatus," 2017 by alumna Jen Broadbent, steel
  • "Cohesion," 2017 by alumna Patricia Macias, steel
  • "Ipseity," 2017, by alumna Gabriella O'Toole, steel
  • "Infinity Moth," 2017 by alumna Victoria Priep, steel
  • "Crouching Skeletal Figure," 2017 by alumnus Matt Stanford, fiberglass/wood

The proceeds from the online auction will go to further support the UNF Sculpture Program. Hager along with Lance Vickery, assistant sculpture professor, hope to incorporate new digital tools in their labs with the monies from the sale, specifically a CNC plasma tool used for cutting precise lines, which would aid students in creating additional sculptures using this method.


Technical skill and conceptual skill are integral elements of the Sculpture Program educational experience at UNF. Contemporary sculpture is interdisciplinary in nature; materials and process follow concept. In this way, students take their ideas from initial concept through fruition, emphasizing that the medium should be appropriate to the idea and vice versa. Through research and practice, students create work that is engaging and well-crafted.


UNF, a nationally ranked university located on an environmentally beautiful campus, offers students who are dedicated to enriching the lives of others the opportunity to build their own futures through a well-rounded education.