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Press Release for Thursday, November 12, 2015

UNF IPTM Offers Active Shooter Online Training Course

Media Contact: Joanna Norris, Director
Department of Public Relations
(904) 620-2102

 Beginning in January, educators from around the country will be able to prepare themselves to prevent or survive an active shooter event through the new online course, Active Shooter Awareness within Educational Institutions, developed by the Institute of Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida.

“Our goal is to help teachers and other professionals survive an active shooter. “We are confident this training will achieve this goal,” said Cameron Pucci, IPTM director.

Presented entirely online, the Active Shooter Awareness within Educational Institutions course was designed with the busy educator in mind. With just two hours of video lectures, educational professionals will learn the key behaviors associated with potential active shooters, as well as tactics that can potentially protect themselves and students in the event they find themselves within an active shooter event.

The training is offered through IPTM’s online training portal. The same venue that law enforcement officers use around the globe to learn the latest techniques on police management and traffic crash reconstruction will also be the mechanism through which educators can learn techniques that may save their lives.

“Our online students have access to this training anywhere they have a computer and access to the Internet. Our lessons have been set into segments that permit a busy person to pause and resume a lesson at a later time,” said Kyle Clark, IPTM online training coordinator. “Our law enforcement students often must pause a lesson to go and answer a call for service, so we designed the active shooter course in a similar manner.”

In addition to learning about behaviors that suggest a person may be planning an active shooter event, participants will also learn the best practices for ensuring the safety of themselves and students, as well as how to best escape personal injury during an active shooter event.

IPTM has also designed specific variations of this training to benefit churches, synagogues and other places of worship, along with workplaces, such as retail establishments and office buildings.

“We hope to make this available to as many schools and universities as we can,” Pucci said. “Discount pricing has been set up to allow everyone in a school system to learn how to survive an active shooter event.”

IPTM at UNF, founded in 1980, has been a world leader in training law enforcement for over 35 years. From traffic crash reconstruction to homicide investigation and law enforcement management, IPTM trains law enforcement from around the globe. IPTM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit direct support organization for the University.

The course is available beginning January 11, 2016, and costs $29 per student. The course will continue to accept new enrollments throughout the year. Discount pricing is also available. For more information, contact Kyle Clark, IPTM online training coordinator, at (904) 620-4782. To register, call (904) 620-IPTM or visit

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