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UNF Social Media Guidelines Agreement 








Social media page information

Provide the web address of applicable social media profiles, such as







By typing my name and the date in the boxes below, I acknowledge:


I have read the UNF Social Media Guidelines and will adhere to the recommended guidelines and best practices as determined by the University’s Internet Presence Committee

I will clearly post a copy of Osprey Rules and the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Statement in the information section of my unit’s Facebook page and/or other social media sites as appropriate.


I understand that if I don’t keep my unit’s social media page updated, the Department of Public Relations has the right to remove my page from the “Follow UNF” page on the UNF website. 


I understand that in the event of an emergency/crisis on the UNF campus, I should make every effort to monitor social media pages that I administer to reduce incorrect information. I will not post information emergency/crisis information directly to the pages I administer, rather I will post information directing fans/followers to the main UNF Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the UNF website for up-to-date information.