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Visual Identity Standards

Policies, Procedures and Visual Identity Standards for the University of North Florida

The purpose of these Visual Identity Standards is to specify the policies and procedures concerning the use of the University name and all official symbols that identify it. These are designed to ensure that the University is promoted in a formalized, professional and uniform manner and to protect its official symbols and identity marks from infringement. These apply to all reproductions of University identity marks whether in traditional print or electronic form, including the World Wide Web.


The University's name, registered marks, logos and other symbols of the University that are depicted in this document may not be altered, reconfigured or added to in any manner for use in publications.


The name "University of North Florida" can only be used by official UNF units or 501(c) (3) entities that have the University of North Florida officially incorporated into their names. Only two such entities are so authorized: The University of North Florida Foundation and TSI. Both are recognized as a Direct Support Organization under Florida Statue section 240.299.


All University publications, videos, Web pages, letterhead, envelopes and business cards must comply with Visual Identity Standards with respect to the use of the wordmark (University of North Florida), the University seal and official logos unless the University's Visual Identity Standards Committee grants an exemption.


University organizations seeking to develop their own identifying logos cannot incorporate the wordmark or the official University logo without the approval of the Visual Identity Standards Committee. Compliance with standards is an important part of building the University of North Florida brand.


The Visual Identity Standards Committee consists of representatives of each division and a representative of the President's Office. The committee reviews all requests for exemptions from existing standards, considers requests by University departments, divisions and centers for logos that incorporate the wordmark or official University logo and makes recommendations to the president and executive staff on modifications to the standards when appropriate. All decisions of the committee may be appealed to the president.


University organizations seeking to use official University symbols in a manner not depicted herein may submit proposed applications to the Office of Marketing and Publications, which will offer advice on proper utilization. A usage that is deemed not to be in compliance with Visual Identity Standards may be submitted to the committee, which can grant an exception to these guidelines. Exceptions are based on the following criteria:

  • Does the requesting organization's purpose transcend normal department, division or college operations?
  • Does the proposed logo create confusion as to the affiliation of the organization?
  • Does the proposed logo infringe upon existing approved University logos?
  • Is it in the best interest of the University for the organization to establish a differentiating logo?

The University reserves the right to remove, rescind or withdraw any document or publication, including electronic publications, which does not comply with these Visual Identity Standards.


Where possible, these standards should be applied to the use of University symbols on buildings and on signs. The Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance governs the use of University symbols on buildings and signs.


These standards do not apply to the use of University symbols on products (including apparel) for commercial sale. However, the Visual Identity Standards Committee reserves the right to contact vendors producing any products or apparel that blatantly misuse or distort any University symbol or logo and request such usage be discontinued. The University has contracted with The Licensing Resource Group (LRG) to govern the use of University symbols on apparel or products. The Athletic Business Manager has been designated as LRG's on-campus contact. For more information, contact the Athletics Department at (904) 620-2833. The Vice President for Student and International Affairs governs student use.


All outside vendors contracted to design and print University publications or marketing materials should be provided with a copy of these standards. Logos are available from Marketing and Publications and for Web use on the UNF Website. Any questions in using these elements should be directed to Marketing and Publications at (904) 620-2125.