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University Identity System

The University identity system is designed to be flexible and work in multiple formats, different configurations, small and large sizes and different media. For purposes of understanding the visual identity system, the following terms will be used:



The University monogram consists of the letters U-N-F joined together in a customized design. In certain circumstances, due to space limitations or certain applications, the UNF monogram may be used without the descriptor or the Osprey image. Do not attempt to recreate the monogram using computer type fonts.



UNF Monogram



The words University of North Florida have been configured in a customized design. Do not attempt to recreate the descriptor using computer type fonts. The descriptor may be used as a separate element in a one-line or two-line format. It should not be used in lieu of the complete logo or by itself as a logo.



University of North Florida DESCRIPTOR




Osprey image

The Osprey image is, first of all, an osprey, a regal bird, indigenous to the area. Many times, an eagle or some other bird of prey has been unwittingly substituted. To prevent confusion and to avoid misrepresentation, always use the Osprey image in official communications. The Osprey image may be used alone as a design element, but may not be used in lieu of the logo.



  Black Osprey



Note: The Athletics Department and the companies which license the UNF identity for apparel and merchandise will have latitude in using osprey images other than the one used in the official logo.


Official logo

To establish the full identity of the University, the logo should be used in its complete, official form (monogram, descriptor and Osprey image).



  UNF Logo Vertical with Osprey


Simplified logo

For most uses, the official logo (with descriptor) is preferred. However, a simplified version of the logo without the descriptor is acceptable in certain circumstances, such as when space is limited and logo legibility is a concern.



UNF logo Vertical monogram



Logo elements

The identity system is made up of three key elements: the monogram, the descriptor and the Osprey image. These elements combine to form the logo.


Reproducible logos are available from the Department of Marketing and Publications and may be downloaded by visiting the UNF logos Web page