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The Commitment and Tagline

The Commitment

As part of the brand messaging, the University has adopted a statement of commitment to the concept of individualized attention. If identified as the official University commitment, it must appear exactly as shown below:

At UNF, students are our first priority. The University of North Florida recognizes that every student is an individual, with different goals, different learning styles and different needs. UNF is committed to offering each student an individualized educational experience made possible by an engaged faculty and dedicated staff. UNF’s commitment to individualized attention includes opportunities to participate in life-changing experiences such as internships, study abroad, off-campus programs and dynamic research projects.

The major tenets of the commitment may be paraphrased in the body copy of publications, as long as they are not identified as the official commitment.

The Tagline

The University has adopted a short tagline that captures the spirit of the individual attention brand. “No one like you” acknowledges the individual nature of every student (or other stakeholder) and  “No place like this” demonstrates the pride the University of North Florida takes in delivering a highly individualized educational experience. The tagline should be used in advertising, publications and Web pages to establish the brand consistently. If space does not allow or if the environment is not appropriate (such as formal or certain academic publications), the tagline does not have to be used.


UNF Tagline - no place like you. no place like this - in blue