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Official University Stationery  

All University divisions, departments and units or programs of these entities must use the official University letterhead for correspondence. A stationery package has been developed to maintain lower costs, higher readability, quicker visual identity of the institution and simplicity of address information. Only the President’s Office may use the University seal on letterhead. To assure consistency in cover production and paper quality, all University stationery must be printed by a University-approved vendor.


The official letterhead is printed in two colors: blue (PMS 288) for the logo and address information block and gray (Cool Gray 8) for the Osprey image and division, department or unit name. No University letterhead may contain the name of individuals. University stationery is to be used only for official University business. The position of the logo and address must appear in the locations shown on the example. No other symbols or devices should appear on the letterhead.


The name of the division or the department is printed above the University descriptor in Cool Gray 8. Information at the bottom of the letterhead is limited to: name of the unit, street address of the University, city, state, and zip plus four and telephone number with area code. (TDD is acceptable, where applicable). Other phone numbers such as fax and 800 numbers may be included.


Letterhead and envelopes are permitted only for officially recognized colleges, schools, offices, departments, divisions, academic faculties and recognized UNF organizations and used for official University business purposes only.


Logos from recognized accrediting agencies can be inserted in the lower left corner of official University stationery. The college or department is responsible for securing prior written permission of the accrediting agency. The agency logo cannot be reproduced in a second color, although a screened version of PMS 288 is acceptable. Only one accrediting agency logo is permissible on stationery. Logos of a decorative nature are not permitted on University stationery. Logos of partners, affiliates and other institutions are not permitted on University stationery.


UNF Letterhead with logo at top of the page



All University divisions, departments and units or programs of these entities must use standard envelopes for official correspondence. The logo will appear in blue (PMS 288) and the return address in gray (Cool Gray 8).



UNF Envelope


Business Cards 

The official business card is printed in two colors: blue (PMS 288) for the monogram and descriptor, and gray (Cool Gray 8) for the Osprey image. The Osprey image (only) may be embossed and silver-foiled. The layouts are able to handle telephone numbers, fax, Suncom, TDD, e-mail addresses, Web page addresses, etc., printed in PMS Cool Gray 8. Only one accrediting agency logo is permissible on each card. It must appear in a subordinate size in the area indicated at left. Logos of a decorative nature are not permitted on University business cards. All University divisions, departments, and units or programs of these units must use the standard business card format. It is permissible to print the official UNF tagline or commitment on the reverse side of business cards. No other information can be printed on the reverse side unless approved by the Visual Identity Standards Committee.


Business card with simple UNF logoBusiness card with official UNF logo


Formal Social Note Cards

There is one style of social note card available for formal invitations, University-wide. It comes in an A-6 size (with a 4-3/4” X 6-1/2” envelope). These note cards are appropriate for formal events, printed or engraved in italic font and for handwritten correspondence. Any formal events hosted by the president should be coordinated with the President’s Office and printed with a blind-embossed logo. It is recommended that other departments and schools of the University hosting formal events use a bright white social note card with a printed logo positioned exactly as seen here, in the approved blue (PMS 288) or gray (PMS Cool Gray 8). For other, less-formal events, various departments may wish to create more colorful invitations or announcements in keeping with a marketing strategy (if any) for the event. While a University logo is not required on the front cover of such invitations or announcements, it should at least appear on the back, or inside, and on the accompanying envelope.


Embossed UNF invitation with official UNF logo Formal UNF Invitation with two color UNF logo
Co-branded UNF invitation with UNF Osprey and college name  



Requests for exemptions to any of the above restrictions must be submitted in writing to the Department of Marketing and Publications. The Visual Identity Standards Committee will review all requests within two weeks and provide a written response.