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Logo Usage 

Logo Usage in Official University Publications 

UNF's Visual Identity Standards promote consistency across the University and protect the University’s brand identity. The Standards were not intended to serve as a complete set of rules for every conceivable application. Good judgment and good taste must be exercised by anyone creating communication materials. Use the official University logo for official publications such as a catalog or viewbook, and in most other situations.


Coggin brochure example with UNF logo Viewbook for the College of Arts and Sciences


Logo Usage in Official University web pages 

The University recognizes two classifications of web page ownership: Official Web Pages and Unofficial Web Pages.



Screenshot of the UNF homepage



Official Web Pages of the University shall include the University’s home page, related pages and the main pages of all colleges, divisions, departments, offices and other units of the University. An official page speaks for the University of North Florida and its colleges, divisions, departments and other units. Official Web pages must reside in the University's Web CMS using the IPC-approved template(s) and are subject to review by the Internet Presence Committee. The University’s home page is the page that is accessed by the url A unit is an officially constituted college, division, department, center, school, office, program or committee of the University. A unit is also associations for faculty, staff, alumni, student government and its agencies.


Unofficial Web Pages shall include personal pages of students, faculty, staff and student clubs or organizations.


The Publishing Web pages policy can be found on the University Polices and Regulations page.

General policies

Web publishers at the University of North Florida are responsible for the content of the pages they publish. Publishers of official pages are expected to adhere to the highest standards of quality and responsibility in the development and presentation of Web-based material. They are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and currency of the information presented. Improper or inappropriate use of Web-related resources may be grounds for removing the privilege of using these resources, in accordance with the University’s established disciplinary policies and procedures.