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Custom Logos 

The University of North Florida has adopted one primary logo to be recognized and understood by faculty, staff, students and the public as the UNF brand. Brand recognition is maintained.

Individualized College, Department and Organization Logos

Colleges, divisions and departments are sub-brands of the University and have sub-branded marks within the brand hierarchy. These sub-branded logos are created by the UNF Marketing Office and should not be recreated. They are produced in horizontal and vertical formats.

All named colleges will be identified in the following manner:


Brooks College of Health logo
Coggin College of Business logo




All non-named colleges will be identified in the same size font as named colleges.

Departments and special organizations can be identified in the same way as colleges.



 International Business Flagship logo



Departments and organizations should identify their college or division in the logo. Departments within a unit can obtain permission from their respective college or division vice president to use the unit name without the college, but VP permission is required.


 COAS Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Horizontal Logo


 Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work COAS Horizontal Logo


 College of Arts and Sciences Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Vertical Logo


 Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work College of Arts and Sciences Vertical Logo




These guidelines replace previous guidelines relating to co-brands and sub co-brands.


There are rare situations were a customized logo may be appropriate, and there is a process in place for a formal review and approval by the University's Visual Identity Standards Committee. No customized logo may be used without such approval. The first step in the approval process is to request a review through the vice president of the appropriate division of the University. The vice president will then forward the request to the chair of the Visual Identity Standards Committee.

Used in a consistent way, the UNF logo identifier signifies visual identification of the University first and foremost. One logo in a system of publications with well-produced photos and use of approved colors means all campus units receive the benefits of a University whose materials have a cohesive look and a brand that is universally recognized. 


From time to time, special designs may be developed for events. Such a design should not be used as an identifier and must always be accompanied by an official University logo.