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UNF Journal: Winter 2019

Dr. Diana Greene behind School Board Building

Leading Duval County schools

Leadership skills are built through many scenarios. Dr. Diana Greene’s were most shaped during a life-changing time when she had to be a follower. Learn how the new superintendent of Duval County Public Schools leads the school district and how a challenging time in her life shaped her future.

Jaguars Robby Hoenshel wraps a player's ankle, photo by Rick Wilson

Ospreys in the Pros: UNF alums support athletes in professional sports

Athletic training is about preparation. It's about knowing the human body and what it is capable of. UNF alumni working in professional sports share their passion for athletics, their love for the job and the key ingredients to success in the field — building trust and making sure athletes know just how much they really care.

UNF Alumni Cassie Ettel wrapping an ankle of a Jacksonville Jaguars Player, photo by Rick Wilson

Ospreys in the Pros: UNF grad makes history

Last year, Cassie Ettel was hired by the Jacksonville Jaguars, becoming the team’s first female seasonal assistant athletic trainer in the franchise’s history. Ettel was not new to the organization; she worked as a student assistant for the Jaguars during her undergrad days — and she made a strong impression.

UNF student Lee Giat at MOSH

Pioneering student aims high

A couple of years ago, as he was piloting a small plane over the Everglades, Lee Giat and his buddies opened the windows and reached out to touch a cloud. “Our hands got all wet,” the UNF junior said. “It was awesome!” It's one of the many remarkable milestones Giat has crammed into his 20 years.

Students at the UNF STEP lab

Solve, Tinker, Explore, Play: The UNF STEP Lab is open for learning

Life-size blocks, LEGO kits, robotic vehicles, iPads and 3D printers are just a few of the learning tools in the STEP Lab, a reimagined space in the College of Education and Human Services. The lab is a place where students and teachers can gain experience in science, technology, engineering and math.

Student viewing pieces from the Permanent Collection

UNF’s Permanent Art Collection

When Andrew Kozlowski wanted his beginning printmaking students to examine the work of a famous 1700s Italian Baroque artist, he didn’t have to rely on a picture in a book or on the internet. Instead, the University of North Florida professor and his students took a short stroll on campus to an original Giovanni Battista Piranesi on display as part of UNF’s permanent art collection.