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UNF Journal: Winter 2017

The Student Nutrition Dietetic Association president stands in a market with fruit.

Childhood nutrition close to UNF student's heart

Committed to educating others about the benefits of good nutrition, the president of UNF's Student Nutrition Dietetic Association is passionate about his goals and destined to make a difference.

Fresh fruit and vegetables on a table

Doctorate in clinical nutrition offered online

The Brooks College of Health now offers an innovative online graduate degree program.

Henna Bakshi cooking. Photo by Andy Leverett.

Ospreys embrace the food and beverage scene

From self-declared foodies to beer enthusiasts, UNF alumni in North Florida and elsewhere are part of the scene.

UNF nutrition and dietetics students conducting research with elementary school kids

Research Roundup: Looking for answers

Students are working with faculty members on research examining everything from nutrition's effect on aging to overcoming the fear of trying new foods.

Students learning to make homemade pasta

Vivi bene! Students studying abroad learn the Italian secrets to living well

A study abroad in Italy was a life-changing voyage for UNF students. Not only did they learn the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, but experienced an invigorating way of life deeply rooted in passion, simplicity and tradition.