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UNF Journal: Winter 2010


A Diamond in the Rough

New Men's Basketball Coach Matthew Driscoll, no stranger to building college athletics programs, intends to transform UNF's basketball program. Driscoll and his staff are committed to the hard work and recruiting necessary to build a winning program.


Amphitheater Named for J.B. Coxwell

Thanks to the generosity of J.B. Coxwell Contracting Inc., one of the area's largest contractors, UNF now has a 100,000-square-foot amphitheater adjacent to the new Student Union, which has already been utilized for a number of musical and cultural events.


Learning Partners, Urban Teachings

The Urban Professional Development Partnership, a collaboration between UNF and Duval County Public Schools, features elementary school, middle school and university students learning together.


Oncology Group Donates New X-Ray Equipment

Now instead of having to refer students needing X-rays to other facilities, UNF's Student Health Services staff are equipped to handle the situation in-house. A much-needed equipment donation by the Florida Radioation Oncology Group has provided invaluable tools for the medical staff to utilize.


Rocket Man Says 'Outer Space was Calling'

UNF alum Jose Cabanillas went from converting Toyotas into convertibles to working as the lead space vehicle systems engineer for the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite Program, which recently smashed a spacecraft into the moon and turned up evidence of water. His involvement in this project has so far been the high point of his career, he says.


Student Stories Bring Campaign to Life

Students Thomas Sweat and Terri Yonge took to the stage in October during the Power of Transformation capital campaign kickoff to share their personal stories, illustrating how individual determination combined with opportunities provided by generous donors can transform lives.


The Mexican Connection

Students in Dr. Jorge Febles' Internship for Service in Spanish program spent a semester teaching practical English to migrant farm workers in Hastings, Fla. UNF students improved their Spanish communication skills while helping migrants gain essential English language skills.


UNF Campus Finds New Life

With the opening of UNF's new Osprey Fountains residence hall and the Student Union this fall, life on campus has undergone a dramatic transformation.


UNF's Global Health-care Think Tank

Since its inception in 2007, UNF's Center for Global Health and Medical Diplomacy has hosted three annual Caring Community Conferences to explore local and global health-care issues, assets and opportunities. The center's director, Dr. Yank Coble, has traveled around the world to make connections and form partnerships, explore and address global concerns in health care, help others develop leadership and advocacy skills and inspire positive change worldwide.