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UNF Journal: Summer 2020

Music alum Emorja Roberson

Alum is Lifting Us Up

Emorja Roberson, ’13, is used to bearing his soul. A scholar of sacred music, he graduated from UNF with a music performance degree in classical voice, and went on to earn a Master of Sacred Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Notre Dame. In recent months, Roberson has been moved to write and perform songs that address the pain and uncertainly in the world.

Principal Sanethette Shubert headshot

An Education Strategy: The Power of Partnership

Principal Sanethette Shubert attended Duval County Public Schools, went on to receive her education degree from UNF, then returned to teach in the district where she was educated. To Shubert, the knowledge she gained to help students reach their full potential is an example of how the University is intertwined with the community and local school district, a relationship that benefits area students.

Luther and Blanche Coggin

Coggin Legacy Endures and Inspires

On UNF’s campus, the name Coggin is synonymous with business … and with success. Through generous support for the University’s business college, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation downtown, and countless scholarships, Luther Coggin not only supported UNF students with time and resources, but also left behind a legacy of perseverance, hard work and strength that continues to inspire.

Dr. Barry Albright headshot

Cosmic Thank You for UNF Professor

Over the years, scientists have been discovering asteroids and naming them in all sorts of interesting ways. There are many notable examples: Cleopatra, Beethoven, Michelangelo, Pocahontas, Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin; even Tom Hanks has an asteroid named for him. Now, in the midst of such famous company, there’s one of our own: UNF paleontologist Dr. Barry Albright.

Drones flying over a farm

Creating Intelligent Robots for Farmers

Robots are revolutionizing agriculture. To save farmers time and money how can researchers make robots intelligent enough to independently collect farm data? UNF researchers won a $499,000-plus grant from the National Science Foundation to develop software that will enable robots to efficiently gather information without any human oversight.

Tardigrade as seen through a microscope

Finding Clues to Animal Development

How animals evolve remains a mystery. With the help of modern technology and ancient creatures still alive today, will researchers be able to find clues about animal development that have been hidden for millions of years? UNF researcher Frank Smith will use a $323,000 National Science Foundation grant to look for important clues to find an answer.

Desktop Monitor with Zoom meeting

Soderberg’s Popular D.C. Trip Goes Virtual

When students began signing up for UNF’s Real Policy World class for the spring 2020 semester, they had a good idea of what to expect. They were familiar with the course’s signature feature: a three-day trip to Washington, D.C. to meet government officials, policy experts and diplomats. What they couldn't have known was that a global pandemic would change everything.

Dr. Carlene Taylor and therapy animals

Therapy Animals Move Healthcare in a New Direction

The benefits animals provide to humans have been known for centuries. Today, with the support of research, integrating animals and healthcare has become an emerging field. UNF and Nemours have collaborated to create the ADAPT pilot program, the first-of-its-kind to apply animal-assisted therapy in a multispecialty children’s medical clinic.

Alum Robert Keefe headshot

UNF Alum Strives to Pay it Forward

Robert Keefe, ‘18, an associate with Macquarie Group, was the fortunate recipient of the Mowbray Scholarship while attending the University of North Florida. When he graduated and entered the workforce, he wanted to find a way to give back. With the help of his company, Keefe found the perfect way to help other students and pay it forward.