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UNF Journal: Spring 2017

Shatara Francis-Troy and Carolyn Mathis standing in a hallway

All Business

Since the Coggin Mentor Program began in 2009, 275 students have been matched with local business professionals to gain real-world experience and knowledge from those in the field.

Students and alum working on Mercedes-Benz headlights

Engineering in the big leagues

Facing a new challenge is never easy. Yet each fall, electrical and mechanical engineering seniors at UNF leave the comfort of their campus training grounds and step into the real world.

Jags Head Athletic Trainer Scott Trulock talks to UNF scholarship recipients

Jags Foundation supports athletic training

Ten students in the Athletic Training program at UNF received scholarships from the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation this year, as well as advice from the Jaguars' head athletic trainer.

President John Delaney at the library

Letter from the President

The beginning of the fall semester is always a special time at UNF. There is an unmistakable energy on campus among students, faculty and staff as we all look ahead to a successful academic year. Having served as President for 14 years, I can attest that the feeling of optimism and exhilaration at the semester’s start never goes away!

Squillace brothers standing by car

Love of cars fuels career goals

As young boys, Nick and Skylar Squillace, '15, had much more in common than their identical twin looks. They also shared a love of fast cars — and for building things.

Nurse Anesthetist Brittany Blake on Mercy Ship. photo by Katie Callow

Nursing grad called to serve

When Brittany Blake decided to pursue a career in medicine, she knew her skills would allow her to help others in a special way. Little did she know just how far across the globe her passion to serve would take her.

Professor Eric Johnson in water near UNF wetlands

UNF's new coastal classroom

A drive to the beach down JTB provides almost a birds-eye view of the University of North Florida's newest acreage on the Intracoastal Waterway — an expansive living laboratory for UNF research and exploration, just minutes from campus.