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UNF Journal: Fall 2015

President John Delaney at the library

Letter from the President

At the University of North Florida, environmental responsibility is one of our core values, and again, it is expressed in a variety of ways. From cutting-edge research to everyday campus life, the theme is woven into just about everything we do at UNF.

Ogier Gardens

Ogier Gardens growing in popularity

The Ogier Gardens offers a retreat from the fast pace of higher education — an ideal spot for students to relax on a well-used hammock and find some peace and quiet.


Preserve offers campus a natural sanctuary

One part living laboratory, one part natural retreat, the Sawmill Slough Preserve is the embodiment of the University of North Florida’s commitment to environmental sustainability and habitat protection.

Environmental learning

UNF supports environmental outreach at every level

The St. Johns River Transformational Learning Opportunity (TLO) at UNF is a focused learning experience for students, which includes a weekly one-credit lab and culminates in an eight-day spring break trip along the river’s middle basin.