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BOT member seeks to establish University traditions

Myron Pincomb headshot

As a University of North Florida alum, Myron Pincomb places a high value on traditions.


He's remained engaged on campus since he graduated in 1995, culminating in his appointment to the Board of Trustee in 2011 by Florida Gov. Rick Scott. He also made a generous contribution to the University as a part of the The Power of Transformation campaign.


Pincomb's goal is to establish UNF, despite its relative youth, as a University rooted in institutional traditions.


"When you think of other Florida universities, public perception is that the University of Florida and Florida State University stand out," Pincomb said. "UF has the gator 'chomp' and FSU has the war chant. Both schools have years of strong traditions, and I think UNF can get there with time and a focus on differentiating UNF from the pack by showcasing all the unique features the University has to offer."


In addition to his post on the BOT, Pincomb also sits on a UNF Traditions committee comprised of alumni, faculty, staff, students and community members. He said he derives great pleasure from analyzing what defines the University and how those key traits should be developed.


"I've had a lot of vantage points to watch UNF grow over the years - starting as a student and progressing to now as a BOT member," he said. "It's become clear that the University is maturing to the level that we need to institutionalize some traditions so that in the next 40 years, the UNF community has a clear sense of what it is and where it comes from."


Pincomb, who lives in Ponte Vedra Beach and founded his own consulting company, The Pincomb Group, has done more than his fair share to help in the ongoing maturation of his alma mater. His gift to the recently concluded The Power of Transformation capital campaign will help in myriad ways. He said he didn't earmark his donation because he wanted the University to utilize his funding in the most efficient manner possible.


His UNF degrees in biology, as well as his assorted academic experiences, prepared him for a series of professional successes, including founding Educational Tools Inc., which was at one point named one of the fastest growing companies in Florida. The company was purchased by Triumph Learning in 2010, leading to his recent venture with The Pincomb Group. He also founded Literacy 20/20, a non-profit focused on developing and improving the literacy rates of children ages 3-10 in at-risk communities across the country.


He said the individualized attention he received from professors helped inspire him to take risks and strike out on his own professionally - gambits that have more than paid off. Now, by contributing to The Power of Transformation campaign and helping to shape the institutional traditions of the future, Pincomb said he hopes to inspire prospective students to give UNF a shot.


"This is where it all started for me," Pincomb said. "And I know other students who graduate from UNF will go on to do some truly amazing things. If they make the call to attend UNF based on a scholarship or because they recognize the unique qualities of the campus, then the work we're doing has made a difference."