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Each year we publish an updated set of facts and figures on the University of North Florida to provide members of our community and others with a quick overview of what is happening on campus. While the picture that these data provide is, of necessity, only a small part of the UNF story, I think you will find they give you a snapshot of a growing and vibrant university – a university that is fulfilling its commitments to excellence, focus, relevance and accountability and a university where our students’ education is our number one priority.

As you glance through this publication you will see why The Princeton Review ranked UNF as one of today’s five best buys in public higher education, a recognition that points to the quality of our educational programs and to our responsible pricing in tuition. Our continued emphasis on the quality of our educational programs is highlighted by an increase in funding for the transformational learning opportunities (TLOs) we offer UNF students, as well as by our newly named flagship programs in coastal biology, international business, and logistics and transportation. The impact of the quality of our academic programs can, in turn, be seen in our graduates’ scores on nationally normed professional exit examinations, as well as on national and state licensure tests.

In looking at these facts and figures, you will see a university that continues to increase the size and diversity of its student body in response to state and regional needs for greater access to higher education, with enrollment growing from 15,420 students in fall 2005 to 16,084 students in fall 2006. At the same time, you will see that UNF was able to increase the academic profile of its student body. In fall 2006, our entering freshmen had an average SAT score of 1166 compared to 1160 the year before.

While we take pride in sharing our numerous accomplishments, we also want you to know about our plans for UNF’s future. These plans include more than $170 million in new buildings to meet our academic and student-life needs.

The University of North Florida’s ability to achieve these and its many other accomplishments is due to the efforts of a number of different members of our University community. Among these is a dedicated and growing full-time faculty of teacher-scholars – professionals who know the importance of a college education and understand that this education is enriched by their own scholarship and by engaging students in active learning – and a professional and support staff that provides the best in student support services while building a campus that serves as an educational and environmental model. We are also indebted to our Board of Trustees, a set of 13 community leaders who help keep us focused on our mission and on our commitments to our students and the community we serve, and to our Foundation Board, another body of community leaders who have helped us secure increasing private financial support from a host of civic-minded donors. But none of these is more important than UNF’s students, a group that brings a sense of vitality to our campus and a promise of an even better future to our community.

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John A. Delaney