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Marketing Approvals

UNF Marketing is responsible for the external image of the University of North Florida. The office seeks to maintain consistent branding by ensuring that the message and look of the University is the same throughout all marketing, publications, advertisements and promotional items. The marketing approval process plays a critical role in maintaining this consistency, while also helping to ensure the most efficient use of marketing dollars.


UNF Marketing works with each department to create or review all marketing publications, television and radio scripts, advertisements and promotional items, as well as branding on staff and event apparel and signage. 

Marketing Approval Process

If you have printed materials, branded items, promotional products or advertising that you are considering producing, you must get approval PRIOR to final production. Approvals are required for reorders as well. Complete the approval form and submit it to Marketing Approvals with a draft/mock-up of the item if available. This request will be reviewed and returned with an approval signature or a reason for disapproval within three business days. Please plan accordingly. If you have questions, email or call Isabel Pease, assistant vice president, marketing at (904) 620-4725.


There are a few exceptions to the Marketing Materials, Promotional Items and Advertising Approval process. The three branches of Student Government, Student Government Elections, Spinnaker Media and entities including Lend-A-Wing Pantry, Osprey Productions, Club Alliance and Club Funding are all exempt from the Marketing Approval process. Individual student clubs and fraternities/sororities are also exempt from the process. Student groups should remain mindful that they represent the University and should do so consistent with University standards.


When the decision has been made to advertise, contact Isabel Pease. Marketing staff can help you craft your message, weave in the UNF brand, and develop an effective design. If you already have an ad, the office will review the final content for approval via the marketing approval process.


The University of North Florida is an equal access/equal opportunity university. This statement or a similar version should be included on all publications and advertisements. Please contact the UNF Marketing for more information.