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Stories To SWOOP You Up

July 19, 2018
UNF professor lends expertise on current issue
Dr. Heather Barnes Truelove, associate professor and specialist in environmental psychology, speaks with “PRI’s The World” podcast about her research on pro-environmental behaviors relating to recent bans on plastic straws. Scroll down the page to the July 12 edition titled “Trump and Putin Summit Preview, Paraguay's #MeToo, Ditching Plastic Straws”; the entire plastic straws story begins at 31:35 and Dr. Truelove’s comments are at 35:35.
July 18, 2018
UNF research could predict future of gators in Florida
There's a unique research project at the University of North Florida that could predict the future of alligators in Florida. Dr. Adam Rosenblatt, UNF assistant professor of biology, UNF biology student Molly O'Brien are studying 400 eggs nesting on campus.
July 18, 2018
Memory differences in females and males
Dr. Tracy Alloway, UNF associate professor of psychology, speaks to First Coast Living about the differences in memory among females and males.
July 17, 2018
Digging in the dirt
Jacksonville Magazine speaks to Dr. Keith Ashley, UNF assistant professor of anthropology, and his students about their work to uncover the story of Northeast Florida's pre-colonial past. Scroll to page 34 to read the article.
July 16, 2018
Climate change is turning sea turtle eggs female. What about alligators?
Sometime in mid-August, 400 baby alligators will hatch on the UNF campus. Researchers will scoop up the newborns and tally them up: male or female? If Dr. Adam Rosenblatt, UNF assistant professor of biology, and his hypothesis are correct, most of the tiny reptiles wriggling out of their manmade nests will be female, thanks to climate change.