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Marketing & Communications Directory

Executive Leadership

Eric Bruder

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

(904) 620-2115

Isabel Pease

Assistant Vice President of Marketing

(904) 620-4725

Linda Mobley

Executive Secretary

(904) 620-2125

Marketing and Publications

Marketing and Publications

Name Title Phone Email
Marsha Blasco Asst. Director of Marketing and Publications (904) 620-2188

Graphic Design

Name Title Phone Email
Diego Velazquez Asst. Director of Design (904) 620-5750
Richard Hecht Graphic Designer (904) 620-2911
Stephanie Hitchens Graphic Designer (904) 620-4005
Gina Rodriguez Graphic Designer (904) 620-2125


Name Title Phone Email
Jennifer Grissom Photographer (904) 620-2189
Luiza Motta Videographer (904) 620-2278

Media Relations

Name Title Phone Email
Amanda Ennis Acting Director of Media Relations (904) 620-2192
Dedra Harris      Campus Operator (904) 620-2117

Social Media

Name Title Phone Email
Jessica Wingate Asst. Director of Social Media (904) 620-1913
Ronnesha Rodgers Social Media Specialist (904) 620-5427

Strategy and Project Management

Name Title Phone Email
Bill Delaney Director of Strategy and Project Management (904) 620-5379
Meredith Lucas Project Manager (904) 620-5513

Web and Digital

Name Title Phone Email
Kat Thompson Director of Web and Digital Services (904) 620-2191
Amy Wisenbaker Asst. Director of Digital Media (904) 620-5194
Julia Seaton Web Services Specialist (904) 620-5148
Brittney VanDeventer Web Services Specialist      (904) 620-4007