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iContracts Naming Convention

Division Prefixes

AA            Academic Affairs
AF            Administration and Finance
ATH          Athletics
DAA         Development and Alumni Affairs
PRES       President's Office
SA            Student Affairs


Contract Name

 (Division) - (Document Title) - (Vendor Name) - (Document Category)*


Example:  AF - Systems Maintenance Services - SMS Inc. - Primary Document

*Document Category not required as part of iContract name. 


Examples of Document Category: 

Primary Document

Change Order



(Milestone Name) - (Contract Name)


Example:  Contract Expiration - AF Systems Maintenance Services - SMS Inc. - Primary Document


Examples of Document Category: 

Certificate of Insurance

Contract Expiration

Contract Renewal



(Activity Name) - (Contract Name) - (Vendor Name)


Example - ITS Review - AF Systems Maintenance Services - SMS Inc. 


Workflow Stages Names

Owner - Dean, Director, Department Head
UNF Signature - Signature of UNF delegated authority
Execution - Vendor/Independent Contractor Signature
Archived - Contract is no longer in effect 


Workflow Standards

Divisional VP review required after Owner review.
The Reviewers or Activities function to be used for anyone other than approvers in the workflow.