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New Professional Service Form

  • Intent is to provide a simplified form and abbreviated approval process for small dollar value services (much like PCard for small dollar purchases) while still providing a mechanism for Payroll to review/approve IRS Independent Contractor (vs Employee) status and EH&S to review/approve activity.
  • Should be used when the total cost of service is less than $600 and UNF signature is not needed.
  • Cannot be used for payments to current or former employees. Payment to current or former UNF employees can only be made through payroll.
  • Will be used for both individuals and companies.
  • Contract Type in iContracts is labeled “Division Initials-Less Than $600” (example: SA- Less Than $600)
  • Approval flow: Owner, Dean/Director, EH&S, Payroll, Completed
  • iContract # must be denoted on payment documentation
  • Purchase Order will not be issued for these services 

Professional Service Form (Under $600)


  • Jazz pianist Liston Gregory at a concertUse of the form does not change the requirement for any additional approvals (like Marketing & Publications, etc…) already in place. 
  • Department is responsible for ensuring that all expenditures are an appropriate use of University resources and the particular source of funds (E&G, Aux, Contract/Grant).
  • Department is responsible for ensuring that it adequately documents the business purpose for all expenditures. In the case of services, it is especially important that the Department clearly communicate expectations (including but not limited to timing, cost, service and results expected) to the service provider and that record of that communication is documented in departmental files.