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Purchases Requiring Prior Approval 

Construction & Physical Facilities Procurement 

John Burdine, Manager, Construction & Facilities Procurement

Alexis Colbert, Senior Buyer


Appliances: Verify the electrical requirements with Physical Facilities.

Building Construction/Building Modifications: Capital Project Service Request.

Heat and Cooling Equipment: Space heaters, air filtration units, and air purifiers require EH&S approval.
Insecticides: Only insecticides on Environmental Health & Safety approved inventory or purchased by licensed applicator.
Portable Buildings: Verify with Campus Planning that a CPSR is not required. Buildings must meet 160MPH wind load requirements and be appropriately anchored. Vendor must supply Building Plans for permitting.

General, Scientific & Technology Procurement

Gaea Holt, Senior Buyer

Carolyn Carley-Richart, Buyer


3D Printers: Environmental Health & Safety.

Alcohol: If you will be serving alcohol on campus, Environmental Health & Safety approval required.
Apps: Requires review and approval from ITS.

Computer Hardware/Software: Requires review and approval from ITS. Software may require further approvals from ADA Compliance, Privacy Office, Data Governance, or PMO.
Copiers: Business Services.
Drones: Requires review and approval by Environmental Health & Safety. Drone operations must adhere to The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Under Part 107, these may include:

  1. FAA UAS Registration
  2. FAA pilot certification (i.e. Remote Pilot in command)
  3. Waiver to operate in a controlled airspace (due to proximity to Craig Field)
  4. Purchase of liability and property insurance coverage

Ergonomic Items: Environmental Health & Safety.

Food and Catering Services: On-campus catering not provided by a preferred vendor, Chartwells or Mayes, requires Environmental Health & Safety approval.

Furniture: New/renovated building with tables such as dining/common areas/classrooms must include ADA accessible tables.

Gases: Only gases on Environmental Health & Safety approved inventory unless otherwise approved.
Insurance: Environmental Health & Safety.
Medical Equipment: Includes automated external defibrillators (AED), XRAY, MRI, and laser equipment. Requires Environmental Health & Safety approval.

UNF logo bluePrinted Materials, Publications & Promotional Items: Requires review and approval prior to production from Marketing & Publications except as noted. Includes all printed and/or on-line placed marketing and promotional materials/items (ex: posters, brochures, flyers, magazines, catalogs, promotional items, shirts/uniforms). Exceptions to M&P review/approval include: course materials, internal business forms, Student Government funded projects/acquisitions (Osprey Productions, Greek Life, SG Admin, etc.). Documentation of approval must be submitted with Requisition or included in PCard reconciliation packet. Navigate to Marketing & Publications website via the icon to the right.

Window Treatments/Blinds: Any window covering or tint for an external facing window requires approval from Campus Planning (1” white mini blind, Mecho type shade of neutral tone/matching other building shades)

Photographers: Review and approval by Marketing and Publications, use UNF Standard Photography/Videography Services Agreement.
Protective & Safety Gear: Environmental Health & Safety.
Publication Fees: Dean’s Office approval required.
Scientific Chemicals, Radioisotopes, and Biological Agents: Require approval by Environmental Health & Safety. Brandon Smith is the assigned approver. In his absence, Dan Endicott, the director, can also be emailed for approval in the rare event that Brandon is not available or if there is an emergency.
Uniforms: Use of UNF logo and colors requires Marketing & Publications approval.

Vehicles: Electric/gas carts and utility vehicles, heavy equipment, etc. – require a minimum set of safety equipment defined by Environmental Health & Safety (head/tail lights, amber strobe keyed to the ignition, mirrors, fold down windshield, horn). Verify state tag is obtained with vehicle.