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Procurement Card (P-Card)

Use of the P-Card is limited to the University employee whose name appears on the face of the card and cannot be loaned to another person under any circumstances. Each cardholder is responsible for the security of his or her card. All precautions should be used to maintain confidentiality of all information related to the card such as Cardholder account number and expiration date.


Cardholder and departments should periodically review the P-Card Allowable List Expenditure Matrix as well as the general guidelines for purchases provided online by Procurement Services.


The date established for submission of Concur expense reports/P-Card reconciliations is the 7th of the month. Therefore, an expense report/allocation (with all required documentation) for all charges to a P-Card during a given month must be submitted to Concur by the 7th of the month following the date of the charge. (For example...A charge incurred in March must be submitted via Concur by the 7th of April) Cardholders not in compliance with the reporting deadline face the possibility of losing their charge privileges.


Questions regarding the use of the P-Card may be e-mailed directly to the or by contacting the P-Card Coordinator at (904) 620-1738.