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iContracts Life CycleiContracts 

What is iContracts?

iContracts Universal Contract Management (UCM) platform is the University's online system for contract approval and management.  

Navigate to iContracts

The iContracts portal may be found in MyWings by selecting the Employee Resources tile, Employee Tools, and iContracts (Contract Routing).

Recent Enhancements

  1.  iContracts has a new look that will include the UNF logo.
  2. In the Attachments Tab, the “Add Document” and “Add Multiple Documents” buttons have been replaced. In terms of how the new icons function, their actions haven’t changed. Hover-over any icon if you’re not sure what it will do.  
  3. To assist in the contract review process, users receive notification emails that an Activity has been assigned to them regarding a contract that requires additional information. In the past, you were required to login to iContracts to mark the Activity as Completed. Moving forward, the Notification Email will contain a "Click to Complete Activity" button at the bottom of the email that will allow the Activity to be completed directly from within the email. Whether or not you are logged into iContracts, clicking the link will take you to a landing page. The Activity Name appears as part of the message and you will always see "[Activity Name] is completed successfully."  
  4. To assist with workflow review, a reminder email alert will now notify users if a workflow stage has not advanced after 5 working days. This will generate an email to stage assignees that a contract container requires their review and attention. 
  5. Users have asked how to determine how long an agreement takes to completion.  An icon has been added to the Summary Tab that displays a pop-up table on a per contract basis, showing the timeline of the contract life cycle. This enhancement only applies to current contracts and will not be retroactive to any containers established prior to November 2018. 

iContracts icon


To avoid any issues in utilizing these system enhancements, please clear your browser cache. Instructions available at



  1. When entering a contract, please use the established naming convention: (Division)(space)-(space)(Document Title)(space)–(space)(Vendor Name). Refer to the iContracts Naming Conventions document above for additional information.
  2. The Owner is responsible for the “Execution” stage of the workflow since they have been working with the vendor to establish an agreement. Once the vendor counter signs the document, the contract is “executed”. When the Owner receives the executed agreement back from the vendor, the executed agreement should be uploaded to iContracts and then the workflow moved forward to the next stage in the workflow, which is either Purchasing or General Counsel Audit. If the vendor signed first, then the contract can just be moved forward in the workflow.
  3. When adding attachments, if the attachment is the primary document check the “Make This The Primary Document” checkbox in order to make the file a primary document. This will display the document within the Summary Container for easy access to the primary document.
  4. Do not submit a vendor application and W-9 as an attachment to an iContract file. The application and W-9 should continue to be forwarded to for processing. The reason is to maintain privacy of the vendors’ SSN.
  5. While iContracts typically works fine in Internet Explorer, if you should have issues, try using Chrome (web browser). If you do not have Chrome on your computer, contact the ITS Help Desk and they can install it for you.
  6. No Banner requisition is required to be entered for any contract that has been routed through iContracts. Once the contract reaches Procurement Services through the workflow, a purchase order will be issued from the information provided in the General Info Field Group. 

Commonly Used Commodity Codes for iContracts

721013 Advertising-Promotional 721026    Lecturers & Speakers
750004 Annual maintenance contracts-Services 771002 License Renewal
752004 Annual Repair & Maint Contract-Svcs 771019 Mailing Services
721001 Architectural Services 752018 Maintenance & Repair-Athletics
771026 Athletic Recruiting 752016 Maintenance & Repair Installation Srvcs 
721009 Attorney Services 721010 Medical Services
771031 Bottled Water Service 721083 ORSP Consulting Services
777017 Builder's Risk Insurance 721082 ORSP Other Contractual Services
752007 Building Modifications-Services 771880 ORSP Publication Fees
752006 Building Repair & Maint-Services 771980 ORSP Rental of Space
772400 Charter Bus Travel 752080 ORSP Repairs & Maint-Services
721011 Collection Services 721019 Other Contractual Services
721004 Construction Contracts 752010 Other Fixed Capital Repairs-Services
752005 Construction Repair & Maint-Services 752017 Pressure Washing Repair & Maint Svc 
721002 Consulting Services 752013 Radio Equipment Repairs & Maint - Srvcs 
721007 Employment Services 772301 Recruiting-Foreign
721003 Engineering Services 772102 Recruiting-In State
721008 Entertainment Services 772202 Recruiting-Out of State
771007 Entertainment-Recruitment 771900 Rental of Buildings
752001 Equipment Repairs & Maintenance-Services 771904 Rental of Meeting-Conference Space
771040 Event Broadcasting 771905 Rental of Training Facilities
771039 Event Promotions 771901 Rental/Lease of Equipment
752003 Fire Repairs & Maintenance-Services 752000 Repairs & Maintenance-Services
771006 Freight/Courier Service 752008 Road/Land Repairs-Services
771034 Game Guarantees 721029 Security Services
721005 Game Officials  776000 Software License
731004 Garbage Collection 776001 Software Maintenance
721018 Hazardous Waste Removal 776002 Software Packages
752014 HVAC Repairs & Maintenance - Services 732006 Telephone Equipment Installation
721030 Independent Contractors (Not otherwise classified) 721017 Training Services
721016 Information Technology Services 752009 Utility Repairs-Services
721021 Inspection Services 752002 Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance-Services
721015 Janitorial  Services 752015 Waterproofing Repairs & Maintenance-Srvcs