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CPDT Classes

Registration for all three procurement-related classes is available within Osprey Ascend.

  • Procurement 101 (2 hrs): Participants in this class will receive an overview of the procurement process at UNF as well as learn how to navigate the Banner procurement related screens. This class is recommended for anyone who will be making or approving purchases/expenditures for their department. 
  • iContracts (2 hrs): Participants in this class will learn how to enter new agreements into iContracts including the uploading of the attachment that requires signature by the delegated authority searching for agreements using the Global Search feature and setting personal views in order to query agreements in iContracts. This class is recommended for staff, specifically office managers, that need to have agreements for services reviewed by General Counsel and signed on behalf of the University.
  • P-Card Concur (3 hrs): This course is required for individuals who wish to participate in the Visa Procurement Card (P-Card) process as a Delegate. This is a three hour class on the monthly reconciliation process (Concur and Sun Trust) and the coding of P-Card transactions in Concur.

Banner 9 

To help you navigate the new Banner 9 system, resources are available below. Should you need any assistance, please call Procurement Services at (904) 620-2730 or email