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Computing & Technology

For computer purchases, include the following information in Direct Pay document text or the Concur Expense Report:

  • The serial number in the “Additional Information” field on the Concur expense report.
  • The Custodian’s name and N# in the “Comments” field.
  • Description of the item in the “Comments” field (ex. iPad Pro 12.9).

If a P-Card is used to purchase multiple computers, itemize each transaction (ex. P-Card purchase of two $800 desktops for a transaction total of $1,600. There should be two lines, both coded to 740099, and the above information included for each desktop). If you have any questions regarding the tagging of computers, account codes or information required, contact Jim Mousa or Ana Guzman.


Hardware & Software

Ordering Guide

Contact:  Gaea Holt 


Effective Date:  9/30/15 - 7/31/21

Contract:  State of Florida 43211500-WSCA-15-ACS


UNF Account No.:  52538

please coordinate quote requests with with your department's C-Tech 



  B and H photo logo   

Photographic Equipment, Supplies & Services

Contract Manager:  Gaea Holt 


Effective Date:  8/1/13 - 7/31/23

Contract:  E&I CNR01341


Contact:  Yehoshua (Josh) Auman 


first-time users, please email to be added to the E&I account




Technology Catalog Solutions 

Contract Manager:  Gaea Holt  


Effective Date:  12/01/19 - 10/30/23

Contract:  Sourcewell 081419-CDW


Contact:  Garrett Doré


for Expense Reports in Concur, the Order Confirmation is accepted in lieu of receipt 




Technology Refresh Program: Equipment, Peripherals, Software & Services

Ordering Guide 

Contract Manager:  Gaea Holt


Effective Date:  7/1/16 - 6/30/20

Contract:  Seminole State College RFP 15-16-05


Contact:  Jae Seo


email for Dell Premier access



Due to global demand for Intel processors, all orders for Dell desktops and laptops are experiencing an estimated lead of 4 to 7 weeks. Contact your department C-Tech or Gaea Holt (x2732) with situations that this extended lead time may cause to your departmental computer needs.  


Audio Visual Equipment & Supplies

Contract Manager: Gaea Holt
Effective Date: 7/1/19 - 6/30/21
Contract: St. John's Co. School Dist. Bid 2019-03
Contact: Tom Polk
Email:  (904) 610-3145 




   Howard Technology Solutions  

Technology Solutions

Effective Date:  10/01/15 - 10/31/21

Contract:  NCPA 01-45


Contact:  Trey Upchurch


UNF Account No.:  U00072

first-time users, reach out to the Howard contact for a username and password




  Staples 2019 

Office Technology Products

Flash drives, keyboards, mice, ink, toner, printer hardware, projectors, webcams, shredders, label makers, laminating machines, calculators, batteries and power

Effective Date: 4/04/19 - 12/31/25

Contract: E&I CNR01373


Contact:  Chuck Seybold


first-time users, reach out to the Staples contact for technology platform access




 Commodities with campus standards:

  • Drones

Please contact Gaea Holt ( for guidance.