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Commodity Assignments

In order to most quickly process requests and answer questions, commodities are assigned by team.


Eric Dickey, Associate Director

Banking & Merchant Services Contract

Bookstore Contract
Food Service & Concessions Contract

Pouring Rights & Vending Service Contract


Construction & Physical Facilities Procurement 

Dianna White, Senior Buyer

Alexis Colbert, Senior Buyer

Leslie Cunningham, Senior Procurement Associate

Appliances/Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

Architects & Engineers
Campus Moves & Off-Campus Storage
Custodial Equipment & Supplies
Disaster-Related Goods & Services
EH&S Equipment, Supplies & Services
Electrical Equipment, Supplies & Services
Elevator Equipment, Supplies & Services
Employee Household & Laboratory Relocation
Fire Protection Equipment, Supplies & Services
Floor Coverings, Carpet, Tile & Services
Generator/Air Compressors Equipment, Supplies & Services
HVAC Equipment, Supplies & Services
Kitchen Hood Cleaning & Inspections
Landscaping Equipment, Supplies & Services
Laundry Services Contract
Material Handling Equipment & Supplies
MRO Maintenance, Repair & Operations Supplies
Paint Equipment, Supplies & Services
Parking/Transportation Equipment & Supplies
Pest Control Equipment, Supplies & Services
Plumbing Equipment, Supplies & Services
Recycling Services
Shredding Services
Signage: Interior & Exterior
Vehicle Towing
Vehicles, Boats & Golf Carts
Waste Disposal
Water Treatment Equipment, Supplies & Services
Window Treatments & Blinds 
*Professional Services: Construction Related

General, Scientific & Technology Procurement

Gaea Holt, Senior Buyer

Carolyn Carley-Richart, Buyer

Access Control & Campus Card System
Advertising, Radio & TV Programming
Art Supplies & Equipment
Athletics Equipment & Supplies
AV Equipment & Supplies
Awards & Plaques
Campus Television & Communication Services
Chemicals, Gases and Biological Materials
Computer Hardware, Software & Peripherals
Copier Contract
Data/Telecom Equipment, Supplies & Services
Event/Production Equipment, Supplies & Services
Express Mail & Shipping
HR Background Checks & Other HR-Related Services
Library Books, Periodicals, Equipment & Supplies
Medical Equipment, Supplies & Services
Office Equipment & Supplies
Parking Access & Monitoring
Photography/Videography Equipment, Supplies & Services
Police Equipment & Supplies
Printing Equipment, Supplies & Services
Promotional Items & T-Shirts
Scientific Equipment & Supplies
Security Services
Space/Venue Rental
Temporary Staffing
Theater/Music Equipment & Supplies

Transportation (Campus Transit, Charter Bus Services, Vehicle Rental, Armored Trucks)
Two Way Radios
Website Hosting & Internet Services

*Professional Services: Non-Construction Related