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19 Accomplishments of 2019 

It has been a robust year, with the launch of several new contracts, projects, and events. Procurement Services, P-Card, and Central Receiving want to express our gratitude for your continued partnership and participation. Because of your commitment to our students and campus, together we have achieved a lot!   


   1.  Procurement Services awarded 19 bids totaling $5.1 million, saving campus nearly $1 million in cost. Highlights include the Osprey Ridge and Eco Road Extension Project, Landscape Maintenance Services, Charter Bus Services, and Beach Volleyball Court Construction.  


   2.  In 26,100 transactions, the approximately 860 P-Card holders spent $11.4 million.


   3.  The department led 4 Procurement 101 (PUR-120), 10 iContracts (CON-108), 12 P-Card Concur (PUR-210), and 6 vendor-specific training sessions attended by 230 employees. This included the launch of three ordering platforms – UPS, Staples, and Amazon – now with 144, 303, and 257 users, respectively. 


   4.  Central Receiving’s three-person team delivered nearly 18,000 packages. Almost half of the package volume came from UPS (48%), followed closely by FedEx (42%). 


   5.  Both inaugural events in 2019, the Preferred Vendor Show in March and the Staples Showcase in October had outstanding participation of nearly 100 employees each. Vendors have since expressed their delight from interacting with you at these events.

Staples Showcase
   6.  Campus initiated approximately 1,200 agreements in iContracts


   7.  We continued the rollout of DocuSign to 9 additional campus partners. Having DocuSign relieves campus administrators the responsibility of getting a contract signed, and allows for faster execution of a contract.


   8.  The team implemented Amazon Business Prime, with costs covered by Procurement Services, which affords campus free, two-day shipping.


   9.  The Doing Business Breakfast, which was another first for UNF, was held in November. We welcomed 13 representatives from 8 vendors desiring to learn more about how to best approach business opportunities at the University. 


  10.  Throughout the year, Procurement Services held 45 contract discussions with 13 departments and 25 strategic vendors.


  11.  Central Receiving updated its package tracking system for campus, and is now using handheld devices to scan packages and obtain delivery signatures.

 Purchase Orders in Millions

  12.  Processed requisitions resulted in 1,250 purchase orders totaling $40 million to 506 different vendors. 


  13.  Osprey Acquire, campus’ guide to contracts by commodity, now lists 50 contracts bid by the University, the State of Florida, or a cooperative purchasing organization. 


  14.  Per September 2019 Expenditure Matrix guidance, the P-Card threshold for purchasing software, licenses, subscriptions, and websites was upped from $1,000 to $5,000. 


  15.  Use of cooperative and alternative-source contracts has resulted in savings of at least $6.5 million


  16.  We worked with the Sustainability Committee to draft a Statement on Sustainable Procurement, which will promote spending on ‘green’ products and enhance vendor management. 


  17.  Throughout the year, there were 37 furniture projects in 17 different buildings. Major refresh projects were completed in Bldg. 50 and the Crossings Q, R, S.  Crossings Q, R, S furniture 

  18.  The P-Card Administrator on-boarded and delivered cards to 173 new P-Card holders.


  19.  Professional communities recognized the excellence of our team members. Associate Director Eric Dickey was named Volunteer of the Year by the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) and Senior Buyer Gaea Holt received iContracts Client of the Year award. Amy Lehnhoff was published in the Summer 2019 issue of NAEP's Educational Procurement Journal.

Looking forward to 2020...


   -  The 2020 Preferred Vendor Show is in the works! Mark your calendar for Monday, March 2 from 2 - 4 p.m.


   -  The department is reviewing solutions for a new vendor registration system, which would allow campus to sunset the Vendor Application. 


Stay tuned for more exciting and innovative changes!