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President's Office

Interim President Pam Chally's Goals


  • Continue successful strategies implemented in 2018-2021, with principal goal of moving to or retaining UNF to a score of at least 70 in subsequent years of measurement and laying groundwork for further exceeding that threshold.
  • Improve on retention metric.
    • Increase Fall 2021 first-time full-time (FTFT) cohort members retaining to Spring 2022 vs Fall 2020 cohort. In particular, increase Black and Hispanic FTFT retaining to Spring 2022 vs Fall 2020.
    • Further improve the freshmen first year experience by developing faculty led experiences about being an Osprey and expose freshmen to talented faculty and activities linked to their academic interests. Undergraduate studies will serve as coordinating hub.
    • Begin targeted efforts to increase Career Services through career readiness video, career planning and coaching outreach to first-year students.
  • Continue to develop strategies to improve overall graduation rate.
    • Implement focused strategies to reduce DFW rates
    • Launch initiatives to improve faculty understanding of, response to, involvement in, and improvement in performance-based metrics by targeted communication and workshops.
    • Increase percentage of Spring 2022 face to face course sections vs Fall 2021.


  • Align resources and departments to support the successful achievement of the strategic objectives of UNF MedNexus.
  • This includes, but is not limited to, advocating for Legislative Budget Request in Spring, 2022 legislative session.


  • Reinforce commitment to approved strategic plan and accountability plan. Lead Board review of plan at Winter (early 2022) Board meeting.
  • Identify new groups of peers and aspirant institutions aligned with pursuit of Top 100 public university ranking. Review best practices and programs from such institutions and determine what can be carried over and translated to UNF.


  • Increase fundraising 20% to $20 million for period of July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022.
  • Champion funding of UNF initiatives including the legislative budget request, performance-based funding, and other policy issues.
  • Initiate strategies to grow enrollment to or above pre-COVID numbers.


  • Maintain the health and safety of the UNF community, especially concerning COVID-19.
  • Assist with and facilitate the Presidential Search. Provide institutional knowledge to search committee and candidates as process continues.
  • Integrate the new Vice President and Chief Information Officer by supporting the development of a strategic roadmap to align information technology with UNF’s Strategic Plan to put students first and completing an IT cybersecurity risk assessment to identify requirements for increased security posture and effective controls.
  • Within context of recent resignation and reassignments, determine how to support and continue critical functions of both the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion and Vice President of Jobs.