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Mosquito Inhibitor Patent Licensed

One of UNF’s most promising patents was licensed to a local company in late October, after extensive testing at UNF and Naval Air Station Jacksonville. Developed by Dr. Doria Bowers in the Department of Biology, the inhibitor operates as a larvicide, preventing the larvae from maturing in their breeding habitat to become adult mosquitos. It is entirely safe and organic, and is very unlikely to disrupt local ecosystems. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Navy are interested in working with the licensor to fully test the inhibitor and bring it to market.

College of Education and Human Services Awarded Major Grant

In late September 2016, Dr. Otilia Salmón and her colleagues in UNF’s College of Education and Human Services received a $2.2 million grant for a five-year residency program training ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) teachers to serve in the Duval County Public Schools (DCPS). This major grant, awarded by the US Department of Education, builds on the existing Jacksonville Teacher Residency program, itself the result of a successful collaboration between UNF, DCPS, and the Jacksonville Public Education Fund.

Students Receive Provisional Patent

Three undergraduate mechanical engineering students worked with UNF to patent a novel bicycle gear during the past summer. The product of a machine design course taught by Dr. John Nuszkowski, the “sprag clutch cassette driver” that they invented allows for the bicycle gears to engage much more quickly than traditional bicycle clutches. This is critical for competitive bicyclists, for whom any lag in engaging the gears is lost energy. After an enthusiastic reception for their invention at OneSpark, UNF is helping the students successfully prosecute the patent.

New Professional Doctorate Program Launched

UNF’s novel DCN degree program will be fully online and will target practicing dietitians who already have a master’s degree but who wish to earn the professional doctorate for the advanced training and leadership opportunities the degree provides. This program is anticipated to be especially popular since graduate degrees will soon be required for certification as a Registered Dietician. making it a one-of-a-kind doctoral degree in Florida and one of only two such degrees in the country.UNF’s Board of Trustees and the Florida Board of Governors recently approved a new Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition (DCN) degree program for UNF,

UNF-Mayo Clinic Research Workshop

On October 21st, more than 40 faculty from UNF and Mayo Clinic met to share highlights of their research agendas. Topics included biomedical devices, surgical procedures, cancer and degenerative disease, and drug development. The goal was to facilitate the establishment of new collaborations between the two institutions, and the response was highly enthusiastic. The workshop, hosted by UNF, has led to several new joint research projects between the two institutions, ranging from techniques for diagnosing degenerative bone disease to bioassay testing of novel compounds for treating tumors.