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Standard Contracts

Standard contracts have been approved by the President, appropriate Vice President, and the Office of the General Counsel. Using a standard contract will greatly expedite the review and approval process.


Criteria for use of a standard contract

  • Existing Standard Contract. If a standard contract exists for your situation or agreement, please advise the contracting party that you need to use the University's standard contract.
  • Repeated Use. University standard contracts exist for recurring situations and agreements.
  • OGC Approval.If you use a standard contract below that is not followed by an asterisk (*), it needs to be approved by the Office of the General Counsel prior to obtaining any signatures. Our office will then forward the contract to the appropriate authority for final review and signature.
  • Contract Changes. If the standard contract needs to be changed because (1) terms of your understanding with the contracting party are not covered by or are different from those contained in the standard contract; or (2) the contracting party insists upon changes to the standard contract; the user must have the revised contract reviewed by the Office of the General Counsel.
  • Customized Contracts. If your department needs a customized contract, please contact the Office of the General Counsel and one of our attorneys will assist you.
  • Current Contracts. Please do not download standard contracts for future use as the forms on this website will be revised and updated from time to time. To ensure that you are using the most current contract, please revisit the website each time you use a standard contract. (You can verify that the contract version you are using is the most current contract version by the date noted on the last page, lower left corner.)
  • Contract Execution. Contracts must be signed by the appropriate authority for the University in order to be legally valid and binding. In addition to the President, other individuals have the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University as the result of the President's delegation of such authority. If you are unsure who is the appropriate individual to sign your contract, please contact the Office of the General Counsel for guidance.
  • Fully Executed Contract. iContracts is the official database of all University contracts. Once your contract has been signed by all parties, please be sure that a copy of the fully executed contract is uploaded into iContracts.
  • Effective immediately, if no changes or edits have been made and no additional documentation has been added to the contracts denoted with an asterisk (*) below, these contracts should be uploaded to iContracts for routing, review and signature by the Director of Procurement Services. If you require access to or have any questions regarding iContracts, please contact Procurement Services.

Affiliation Agreement

Brooks College of Health when incorporating field experiences as part of the curriculum.

Agency Agreement

For use with off-site TLO experiences.

Consulting Agreement

For use for general consulting services provided by professional consultants to the University. This contract is not to be used for financial, legal, medical, architectural, engineering, or construction services or consultation.

Entertainment (Agreement for Entertainment Support )*

Third party involvement in contract and entertainment coordination.

Entertainment Contract (Artist Agreement)*

University contract with artists coordinated for special events.

Fixturing/Installation Agreement*

Situations that are purely installation/replacement type projects (not demolition or construction).

Lecture Agreement*

University contract with lecturer coordinated for special events.

Letter of Intent

Specifies some of the proposed terms and conditions of an agreement but does not in and of itself constitute an agreement.

Photography / Videography Services Agreement*

Contractor provides photography and / or videography services to UNF and UNF retains all rights and privileges of the work product.

Purchasing Contract Rider*

Provides vendor defaults and vendor rights in conjunction with a University purchase.

Services Agreement*

University contract with an individual or entity that provides a certain service to the University, students or staff.

Amendment to Services Agreement (Amount)*

Increases the dollar amount of an original Services Agreement (above).

Amendment to Services Agreement (Term)*

Extends the term of an original Services Agreement (above).

Software (Addendum to Software License)

University contract with company that provides a unique computerized service.

Software (Evaluation License)

For use in evaluating software before deciding to purchase.

Internship Agreement (Short Term)

For use when off-site internship is part of an established UNF-curricular program with an affiliating partner in which students are overseen and evaluated by UNF faculty for a brief duration of time (i.e. 1 - 2 weeks).

Internship Agreement (Long Term)

For use when off-site internship is part of an established UNF-curricular program with an affiliating partner in which students are overseen and evaluated by UNF faculty for a longer period of time (i.e, a whole semester).