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UNF Preschool Staff

Mahreen Mian Headshot


Mahreen Mian, M.ED, MHA, BBA & CDA


Mahreen Mian is the Director of the UNF Preschool, she has a Master in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and a second Master in Health Administration. Mahreen has a Bachelor in Business Administration from University of North Florida. She also has a second Bachelor in English Literature and Geography from Kinnaird College in Pakistan. Mahreen also has a Florida Teaching Certificate in Pre-k Primary through third grade and a National Child Development Associate (CDA). Mahreen has also completed her Advanced Director's Credential with a VPK endorsement. Along with a multitude of certificates and trainings in early childhood, Mahreen has also received formal training in "Conscious Discipline" which trains teachers to provide choices to children and to redirect children in a positive manner. Mahreen has assisted UNF faculty and staff in research related to curriculum and has also had the opportunity to present on various topics in Early childhood classes at UNF. In 2010 Mahreen received the Spot Award from UNF for her extraordinary leadership skills. Mahreen has also received formal training in Mentorship from Early Learning Coalition and mentors other directors and UNF students.

Jayne De la Rosa Headshot

Assistant Director

Jayne De la Rosa

MS. Jayne Is the Assistant Director of our Center. She Graduated with her Master of Special Education with a concentration in Disability Services from UNF. She has a BA in Family studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education from University of Rhode Island and an AA in Early Childhood Education from the Community College of Rhode Island. She has her 45 hours from the Department of Children Families training and her VPK Credentials with her Director Credentials. She is trained in the CLASS assessment and CATCH curriculum. She has received formal training in "Conscious Discipline". She has her certification for Infant and Toddler Development Specialist (ITDS). She promotes development and learning, including designing learning environments and activities to promote development across all domains using a parent coaching model from Early Steps program. She has been working with young children and their families for 20 years. Jayne is bilingual and speaks Spanish fluently. 

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Office Manager

Luci Tappin


Hello, I’m Luci Tappin and I’m the Office Manager at UNF Preschool. I have an Associates in Arts from Florida Community College of Jacksonville. I have many responsibilities at UNF Preschool, but a couple of the main ones include enrollment and billing.  So, if you ever have any questions regarding these topics or others, I’m here to help.  I am very honored to be a part of this wonderful Preschool and to be working with our fabulous staff. 




Karen Seabrooke Headshot

Office Assistant

Karen Seabrooke

Mrs. Seabrooke has been working at the UNF Preschool since March of 2018 and absolutely loves it! She enjoys working with children, parents and staff alike. Mrs. Seabrooke is thrilled to see children grow and learn in a positive and nurturing environment.

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Manatees Lead Teacher

Tasha Felder

My name is Ms. Tasha Felder and I have been teaching pre-school aged children for 15 years. I love teaching children, especially the little ones. I am one of the VPK teachers here at the UNF Preschool. I really enjoy working with this age group because the children are so eager to have new learning experiences. When I get to watch their excitement about learning how to do something new for the first time or making connections, it makes my day. I love to dance and do yoga and love even more that I get to incorporate into our day with the children. Having the children come up with their own projects has been so much fun.

I am the only child of two retired Navy parents. I have lived in Jacksonville most of my life, but was born in Hawaii and lived in Europe for 6 Years. I am excited to learn and grow with the Manatees! I feel very privileged working with the amazing team of teachers and staff at the UNF Preschool. I have a National CDA and I am currently taking classes towards my AA in Early Childhood Management with a concentration in Elementary Education. 

Aleris Roa Headshot

Dolphins Lead Teacher

Aleris Mendez Roa

 I recently finished my A.A as well as my CDA. I'm currently taking classes towards my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education. I've been working with children for about four years and that's when I fell in love with what I do and never want to stop. I would like to continue my education with a Masters in Special Education. My motto in life is, it's not about how small or how big the venture is, it's about doing something that's yours. I'm happily married and desiring a puppy. My hobbies are watching movies on Netflix with the worst ratings. I love to travel and would love to visit my home state Puerto Rico.

I love to bring different cultures to our classroom, I am very engaged and love to do many experiments with the children to help their learning. I love decorating my room to fit the theme that we are learning about. I love having fun with the children through dance and movement as well as our very creative story times! 

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Bears Lead Teacher

Sheila Mastriana, C.D.A.

Mrs. Sheila Mastriana, has a child Development Associate (CDA), CPR and First Aid training and has worked with young children for over 28 years. She is proficient in all our curricula and assessment systems and has been through NAEYC accreditation. She is originally from Dunoon Scotland, UK but has lived in Florida for over 21 years with her husband. She has four daughters, 1 son and 14 grandchildren.

Maria Beattie Headshot

Cardinals Lead Teacher

Maria Beattie, Bachelors in Elementary Education

I graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor in Elementary Education and a concentration in Anthropology. I have worked with children of all ages but my favorite is preschoolers. When I am not teaching I enjoy fitness and being creative outdoors, theater, dance, music, reading and eating good food. I like to incorporate some of these interests into the classroom. I use a lot of music and movement, including dance, active games and yoga.

In my classroom, learning is very interactive and hands-on.  I believe in meeting each individual child where they are at and addressing their individual needs, while also challenging them to the next level in their learning.I believe that social and emotional development at this age is crucial and I work to teach the children how to interact with others, problem solve, and regulate their emotions.  I give children strategies, skills, and support to deal with different social and emotional issues that arise.  I think it is important for children to be able to problem solve with their peers and I encourage them to do this on their own when possible and give them support when needed. I’ve created an environment where I can incorporate learning into all of the centers.  Learning is always happening through play, so I am always thinking of different ways I can incorporate certain learning goals in the play that the children are engaged in. 


Yajaira Hausman Headshot

Dolphins Assistant Teacher

Yajaira Hausman

 I am from Fayetteville, North Carolina. I am a Navy Wife and have two dogs. I have a B.S in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University. I have worked with children for over 6 years as a Behavioral Therapist, of which 3 years have been primarily working with children with Autism. I also worked in a school setting before as an assistant teacher for special education. I love being part of UNF Preschool school family.  

Erica Cardenas Headshot

Cardinals Assistant Teacher

Erica Cardenas

I am currently in school to get my degree and have been working with children for nearly seven years now. I am also working on getting my CDA. I have worked with all ages, but the age I most enjoy working with is VPK. My mother is a teacher, so I have always been taught to value education. I enjoy reading, art, and spending time with my family.

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Bears Assistant Teacher



Melissa Leone Headshot

Manatees Assistant Teacher

Melissa Leone, C.D.A.

I began my career in childcare in 2011 by working with children ranging in age from six weeks old to sixth grade. My primary focus has been with preschool age children.  Beyond holding a National CDA since 2012, I plan to continue my college education. On the weekends I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two sons. I love to integrate my knowledge of animals and nature into everyday experiences. I love showing the children safe creatures to interact with such as frogs, lizards, and insects.

Carrie Mosley Headshot

Part-Time Teaching Assistant

Carrie Mosley

Ms. Carrie has worked with CDRC for over 15 years and has loved the way the children at the UNF Preschool have grown and learn so much while they have been here. She's happy to be apart of such an amazing staff!

Sarah Stewart Headshot

Part-Time Teaching Assistant

Sarah Stewart

 Ms. Sarah Stewart is a student at FSCJ studying business management with a minor in childhood education. She enjoys working with children as well as working in the front office. She looks forward to watching the students and the program grow over the next several years. She also loves working with animals and has a cat, chickens, and guinea pigs at home.

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Part-Time Teaching Assistant

Shanel Sims


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Part-Time Teaching Assistant

Mary Tappin


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Part-Time Teaching Assistant

Latoya Harris


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Part-Time Teaching Assistant

Louis Ashley