The Early Literacy and Learning Model/Plus (ELLM/Plus)

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  The Early Literacy and Learning Model/Plus (ELLM/Plus) is a research-based, comprehensive curriculum for 3, 4, and 5year old preschool children that has been proven to be effective improving children's early reading achievement.
The literacy-focused curriculum builds children's cognitive development through literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, motor experiences, and physical health. Children's acquisition of important cognitive and social/emotional development is facilitated through interactions with supportive teachers and other adults who encourage children's curiosity, persistence, and creativity by planning and implementing engaging activities and providing support during learning experiences. ELLM/Plus is designed to expand children's vocabularies and refine their understanding and comprehension of words they know and use.

ELLM/Plus Program Components
• Emergent Literacy
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social Studies
• The Arts
• Motor Development
• Physical Health
• Rituals and Routines
• Learning Centers

Teaching Strategies GOLD


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Teaching Strategies GOLD online offers a revolutionary approach to early childhood assessment. Teaching Strategies GOLD is based on 38 research-based objectives that include predictors of school success and are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and state early learning guidelines. With Teaching Strategies GOLD online, teachers can use a variety of online tools to gather and organize meaningful data quickly, including online portfolios where children’s work can be stored. They can create a developmental profile of each child to answer the questions, “What does this child know? What is he or she able to do?” Teachers can also understand how their observations relate to important objectives for development and learning and use that understanding to scaffold each child’s learning and determine if a child is making progress and compare the child’s knowledge, skills, and behaviors to those of most children of his or her age or class/group. It further helps teachers recognize children who might benefit from special help, screening, or further evaluation.

Creative Curriculum


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For over 25 years, Teaching Strategies has believed that the best and most powerful way to improve child outcomes is through effective teaching. And that’s why they have created forward-thinking, comprehensive, research-based and research-proven curriculum resources. These help preschool teachers and infants, toddlers and twos caregivers to be their most effective, while still honoring their creativity and respecting their critical role in making learning exciting and relevant for every child. As the field of early childhood education has evolved, so too has The Creative Curriculum, incorporating the latest research and best practices and taking the needs of every type of learner into account.

Conscious Discipline

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Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive emotional intelligence and classroom management system that integrates all domains of learning (social, emotional, physical, cultural and cognitive) into one seamless curriculum. Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based comprehensive program that utilizes everyday events rather than an external curriculum, and addresses the adult's emotional intelligence as well as the child's. Teachers learn to respond to daily conflict in a way that transforms it into an opportunity to teach critical life skills, and watch every aspect of their classroom life improve! Conscious Discipline is evidence-based, and was named as a national model for character education by the Florida State Legislature.


CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) is the most proven program to prevent childhood obesity and launch kids and communities toward healthier lifestyles. By impacting a child’s nutrition, level of physical activity, classroom environment and community, CATCH has changed lives in over 10,000 schools and communities nationwide. CATCH creates an environment that makes healthy decisions fun, and our “Coordination Kits” make it easy for schools and childcare programs to use the program effectively across disciplines. CATCH has the largest evidence base of any obesity prevention program, and is championed by health professionals and school administrators nationwide.