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Hugabug Newsletter October 2020

Editor's Corner: 

September was a very busy month full of learning and enrichments via zoom.  We look forward to October and all the great events we have planned.

Recap from September:

We had our first parent organization meeting and it was a huge success! Our classrooms were assessed by CLASS and we all did great! All the enrichment classes began for all classrooms via zoom.

During September children got to explore their five senses, community helpers, wheels, patterns, and investigations.  We also celebrated “Hispanic Heritage month” Ms. Yari from the Dolphins Class performed a Spanish dance with a traditional dress from Puerto Rico. We hope you got to see the bulletin board created by the Dolphins classroom, which displays many important Spanish people. We celebrated “Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday with many apple stories and activities.

We conducted our VPK1 assessment for the VPK children. Letters were sent home to the VPK parents with the results. All children were also assessed using ASQ assessments, the results will be shared in our parent-teacher conferences held in November. Please be advised these assessments are just preliminary evaluations to help teachers assess what level the children are at and to individualize and enhance their lesson plans and teaching techniques to help all the children reach their highest potential. 

CATCH Curriculum:

A fun physical & healthy activity of the Month you can do at home with your child:

Activity Name: Yoga Breathing Exercises

Skill Themes: Deep breathing and relaxation; relationships (body parts); force (light, sustained)

Equipment:   Relaxing Music

Description: Challenge the children to move quietly and slowly through each yoga breathing exercise.

Angel Breath: Kneel or sit with legs crossed and your palms together with the fingers interlaced. As you inhale, slowly lift your elbows to shoulder level. Then exhale through your mouth, slowly bringing your elbows together in front of your chest.

Punching Bag Breath: Kneel on your knees. Exhale and slowly punch one arm out in front of you.  Inhale as you return your arm. Repeat using the other arm.

Conscious Discipline 

Social-Emotional Development

Conscious Discipline understands that as parents we often might have difficult situations at home with our children.  One is of the helpful advice this month is helping our children to handle disappointment.  Below is some helpful advice on how to help your child handle these feelings and emotions:

  • Disappointment is a difficult emotion to handle. All parents ultimately want children to be good sportsmen, take responsibility for their actions rather than blaming others, and be able to stand tall after their falls in life (both literal and metaphoric).

Here are some essential guidelines to help children with this type of pain:

  • First, your goal must be to help them deal with the emotion, not “happy them up.” “Happing them up” comes in many forms.
  • Instead, we can provide empathy to help ease their pain and teach them that they can handle all that life brings to them.
  • “It’s hard when ___________________.” Validate their feelings.

Check out the Conscious Discipline website,

for Discipline tips, and support for your family at home.  They regularly add new information and answer questions that might arise.

NAEYC For Families

NAEYC for Families offers articles, information, and resources for parents with young children. Take a look in the Families Today section of the website to find articles on various topics. 

Important Announcements and Reminders

Be Prepared

  • We need a couple of changes of clothes for each child.  Please make sure your child’s extra set of clothes is appropriate for the weather. 

Scholastic Books

  • Order forms will be sent out in the classrooms this month. They will be due on October 4th. If you would like to purchase books for your child, please order them online. 

Parent Organization Meeting

  • Please join us for our next Parent Organization Meeting next year 2021 date will be sent. The meeting will always be from 5 pm-6 pm. 

VPK Assessment:

  • VPK assessments are complete. Please make sure to ask your lead teacher for the results. If you have any questions, please email your child’s teacher or call the office. 

Parent-teacher conferences:

  • Will begin the week the first week of November, please see your child’s teacher. This year meetings will be conducted via zoom. The teachers will be reaching out to you regarding the times and dates. 

Important dates:   

• Center Closed: October 16th for staff training

October 16th at 2pm to 4pm: Conscious Discipline training for Staff and parents via zoom

• October 30th Book Character dress up day and Mrs. Szymanski reads to children via zoom at 10 am 

UNF Preschool Staff

  • Director- Mahreen Mian
  • Assistant Director- Jayne De La Rosa
  • Office Manager- Luciann Tappin
  • Bear's Teachers- Sheila Mastriana and Erica Cardenas
  • Dolphin's Interim Teacher- Aleris Roa and Yajaira Hausman
  • Cardinal's Teacher- Maria Beattie
  • Manatees Teacher- Tasha Felder and Melissa Leone