Hugabug Newsletter September 2018 

Editor’s Corner: 

The new school year kicked off to a great start with Open House on Thursday, August 16th.  Many families and children attended this event and got the opportunity to explore their new classrooms and meet their teachers.  Some of the children even had the opportunity to make the Kissing Hand craft, which helped prepare for first day of school separation. Ms. Warren who teaches Spanish was in attendance as well to highlight one of the many enrichment programs UNF Preschool has to offer this semester.

Our teachers and staff are excited to be starting the school year on a fresh start as well!  During the last few weeks our staff members have attended trainings on ELLM, our phonological awareness curriculum, as well as in First aid and CPR.  We also had the opportunity to train with Dr. Stanley at MOCA on art, music and drama integration into our curriculum and we visited the STEM lab for ideas on how to implement more science, math and technology into our lessons. The goal of these trainings was to prepare our teachers for the upcoming school year with new ideas for their classrooms and to prepare them for any emergency situation that could potentially arise in our preschool program.


In our ELLM Curriculum this month we learned about and read the story Corduroy Goes to School. We learned about starting school and making new friends. Children in the month of August also began the skill of practicing how to recognize and begin writing their names. In the Manatees classroom the children used magnet letters and their picture name cards to learn the letters in their names.

Curriculum Corner 

ELLM Plus Early Literacy and Learning Model

ELLM Books of the Month     


  • My Amazing Body By: Pat Thomas- This lively picture book explores the importance of a good diet and plenty of exercise and encourages kids to make positive decisions about caring for themselves. 
  • My Five Senses By: Margaret Miller- This book explores the joyful wonders of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. 
  • Get Up and Go! By: Nancy Carlson-  Vibrant, fun-filled illustrations and an encouraging text explain the many great reasons to exercise, from making new friends to going new places, or just because it’s good for your body. 
  • My Plate and You By: Gillia M. Olson-This book will help children learn the basics of MyPlate to help them make good food and activity choices.  

 Concepts for the Month

All About Me, Our Amazing Bodies, Healthy Choices and Five Senses.  

Catch: A fun physical & healthy activity of the Month you can do at home with your child  

Activity Name: Paint the Bubble

Equipment: 1 Hoop and 1 Juggling scarf (substitute scarf with paper towel)


  •  Ask child if they have ever played with a bubbles.  Ask, “What happens when the bubble touches something?” 
  • Tell the child to imagine their plastic hoop is giant bubble.  They are standing inside and are going to “paint” their bubbles. 
  • Invite them to pretend their scarf is their paintbrush and that they can paint the inside of their bubble whatever color they would like. 
  • Encourage the child to paint high, low, and all the way around them.  


This activity is great for working on personal space to be mindful of where the child is versus the people around them. 

NAEYC For Families

NAEYC for Families offers articles, information, and resources for parents with young children. Topics include behavior and development, play, math, literacy, science, nutrition and safety. Current articles include tips about using baking to teach math at home and advice on taking your child to a live performance.


Social Emotional Development: Conscious Discipline

 To help your child self- regulate and learn useful skills when they are upset and need a minute to calm down here is one effective conscious discipline approach that you can teach and model at home.  It is also a breathing model we use here at the UNF Preschool to teach children how to handle their emotions.


  • Be a S.T.A.R!   
  • Stop 
  • Take a deep breath 
  • And  
  • Relax

 Along with being a star we can also teach our children to think the following phrase.  I am Safe. Keep breathing. I can handle this. Check out the Conscious Discipline website,  for Discipline tips and support for your family at home.  They regular add new information and answer questions that might arise.

Parent Organization: 

We recognize the importance of parent involvement as one of the critical elements of achieving the development of each child’s feelings of self-worth, self-awareness, consideration for the welfare of others, and the ability to share materials and ideas.  The parent organization plans and organizes family events and fundraisers throughout the year like the Fall Festival, Family Picnics, Food Drive with Lend a Wing, and Teacher Appreciation Dinner. Please consider volunteering your time to help with the parent organization. The meetings will be held once a semester. Please join us for our first meeting which will be held on Wednesday September 19th from 5-6 pm. We will be planning events for the rest of the school year and we will also be electing the following officers at our first meeting:


  •  President 
  •  Vice President 
  •  Secretary 
  •  Treasurer 
  •  Event Manager 

Important Announcements and Reminders  


  •  Dates Closed: UNF Preschool will be closed September 3rd for Labor Day and September 7th for staff training.
  •  Enrichment Classes: Enrichment classes begin the week of September 10th. Signup sheets and more information are available at the front office.
  •  Parent Organization Meeting: Please join us for our first meeting on September 19th from 5:00pm-6:00pm in the front office.
  •  Procare computers: We have parent check in/out computers in every classroom as well as the front office.  Please make sure to check your child in and out every day when you come into the school.  If you have a family member who picks up often, please let them know we can assign codes to them as well.
  •  Scholastic books: Order forms were sent home in the classrooms this month.  If you would like to purchase books for you child, please order them online or return the form with a check. The due date is September 14th.
  •  VPK Assessment: Period #1 will begin this month.  Once scores have been calculated we will share that information with parents. 

 UNF Preschool Staff 

  •  Director- Mahreen Mian
  • Assistant Director- Jessica Gonzalez  
  • Office Manager- Luciann Tappin
  • Bear’s Teacher- Sheila Mastriana
  •  Dolphin’s Teacher- Nancy Winckler-Zuniga
  • Cardinal’s Teacher- Marie Beattie
  • Manatees Teacher- Ivory Brown