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Hugabug Newsletter 

Editor's Corner:


 Hooray for March! This month, the students will be diving into the colorful world of Dr. Seuss.  We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss, Pi Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Women’s History month. The week of the 16th is spring break.  There is no VPK March 16th – 18th and UNF Preschool will be closed on March 19th and 20th. This month we also have spring picture day on the 25th and 26th, individual as well as class photos will be taken and our VPK children will have a cap and gown photo taken. The week of March 23rd through the 31st is “Parent Conferences”. Please look at the “Parents Board” in your child classroom to sign up.  

Recap from February:

During the month of February our students stayed very busy with lots of fun and educational events.  At the beginning of the month, we had Groundhog’s Day. The children learned all about the groundhog and how we watch to see if he sees his shadow or not. The groundhog did not see his shadow. Therefore, spring will be coming early! We had Vision is Priceless come in and do vision screenings for all the children. There was also an informational school choice meeting for VPK parents in January.

Children brought in different tools, gadgets, and old machinery to create an invention in their class for Inventor’s Day. The children had a blast using their imaginations and creating something new.

UNF President’s wife, Mrs. Szymanski, visited to read us a story and gave out goody bags. Each classroom had a valentine’s party on the 14th. Thank you for supporting the party by bringing items in.

We also had “pet day”, where the children talked about their pet and or brought a picture of their pet. Ms. Wussick, who is an environmental educator, came and talked about her two little friends, a corn snake and a diamondback terrapin! February is Dental Health Month, and to celebrate, we had a dental hygienist come in and do a presentation for the children.  The hygienist showed a short video about taking care of our teeth and then allowed all the children to use giant brushes and practice brushing on a stuffed puppet.  She also talked about the importance of eating healthy food instead of sugary foods.  Thank you Fishman pediatric dentistry. 

Curriculum Corner:

ELLM Plus Early Literacy and Learning Model

ELLM Books of the Month

  • Dr. Seuss Books– Classrooms will read all different types of Dr. Seuss books
  • I Love Our Earth- A book about what makes us appreciate the Earth.
  • Looking at Landforms- A book about different types of landforms.
  • In My Backyard- A girl sees many signs of spring in her backyard, including a frog and a bird.


Concepts for the Month 

Catch: A fun physical & healthy activity of the Month you can do at home with your child


Activity: Run Pum-pums

Equipment: cones to designate activity area and drum


  1. Child pretends to be on parade
  2. Instruct the child to listen to the drum beat which will tell them how to travel.
  3. 1 drum beat- walk
  4. 2 drum beats- march
  5. 3 drum beats- gallop
  6. Change up the order of the drum beats to keep the children alert and thinking.


Remind child to listen to the drum beat and which movements go with which beats.  Acknowledge safe traveling and praise children who keep a steady pace of movement.

  1. Use verbal cues such as:
  2. “Stay inside your bubble of space.”
  3. “Keep your head lights in front of you (keep your eyes looking forward).”


NAEYC For Families

NAEYC for Families offers articles, information, and resources for parents with young children. Take a look in the Families Today section of the website to find articles on various topics.


Social Emotional Development: Conscious Discipline


Important Announcements and Reminders

Be Prepared

We need a couple changes of clothes for each child. Please make sure your child's extra set of clothes is appropriate for the weather.

Safety and your security code access

The safety of your child is one of our greatest concerns. Please be reminded that the security codes provided to you are for your use only. Please do not give your child your security code or allow them to enter the code on the computer.

Procare computers

We have parent check in/out computers in every classroom as well as the front office. Please make sure to check your child in and out every day when you come into the school. If you have a family member who picks up often please let them know we can assign codes to them as well.

Walking children to class

Please escort your child to his/ her classroom every day, and say a quick hello to the teacher. This way we can ensure that your child is safe with a staff member and is not left alone in a classroom.

Scholastic books

Order forms are sent out in the classrooms each month. If you would like to purchase books for you child please order them online.

VPK Voucher

Children who are registered in VPK for the school year 2020-2021 need to turn in their Voucher’s ASAP if they haven’t already done  

Important dates:  

3/19/2020-UNF Preschool Closed - Spring Break

3/20/2020-UNF Preschool Closed - Spring Break

3/25/2020 – Picture Day

3/26/2020 – Picture Day

4/3/2020 – Egg Hunt- please donate filled plastic eggs for this event

4/17/2020 – Spring Play – 6:30 pm at the Field House

UNF Preschool Staff

  • Director- Mahreen Mian
  • Assistant Director- Jayne De La Rosa
  • Office Manager- Luciann Tappin
  • Bear's Teacher- Sheila Mastriana
  • Dolphin's Teacher- Nancy Winckler-Zuniga
  • Cardinal's Teacher- Marie Beattie
  • Manatees Teacher- Tasha Felder