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2019-20 Changes to Chart of Accounts                                 

The Chart of Accounts changes for Fiscal Year 2020 are to help realign the organization code and fund code structure with the divisional restructuring at UNF. 

These new index, funds, and organization codes are open now for FY20 budgeting in Self Service Budget Development only. 

The new indexes will NOT be used for expenses, revenues, salaries, or transfers until FY20, transactions dated July 1, 2019 or later.


Chart of Accounts Resources

 2019-20 Changes to Chart of Accounts Listing

 2019-20 Changes to Chart of Accounts Lookup


SSBD Training for New Indexes   

 FY20 SSBD Written Directions for New Indexes

 FY20 SSBD Video Walkthrough for New Indexes

Graph and Calculator