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Plants of the UNF Campus

x Chitalpa tashkentensis - Chitalpa
Family Bignoniaceae


Hybrids between plants in different genera are rare, with the exception of the orchid family. Chitalpa is one of these rarities, a hybrid between two North American plants, Catalpa bignonioides and Chilopsis linearis. Reportedly, this hybrid produces no seeds. Chitalpa is a multi-stemmed tree, or very large shrub, to about thirty feet tall. Its leaves are elliptical, intermediate between the narrow, willow-like leaves of Chilopsis and the broad, heart-shaped leaves of Catalpa. Flowers are borne on short spikes at the branch tips throughout the growing season. Flowers are shades of pink, similar to but smaller than the flower of a catalpa. Chitalpa is a drought tolerant plant, much like Chilopsis


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A large shrub to small tree to thirty feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun

Water: drought tolerant

Soil: well-drained, no other special requirements

This is a plant for a dry, sunny spot. In a moist situation or in shade, it suffers from foliage diseases that make the plant unattractive. It is an uncommon plant in Florida, better known in Texas.

Chitalpa tashkentensis