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Plants of the UNF Campus

Viburnum suspensum - Sandankwa viburnum
Family Adoxaceae (Caprifoliaceae by some)


Approximately one hundred fifty species of Viburnum are native to North America, Europe and Asia. They are shrubs and small trees. This large evergreen shrub is native to Asia. It has a dense habit and makes a great hedge. Fragrant clusters of white flowers appear in late winter and early spring. 


See these plants on the west side of building 50.


Large shrub to a maximum height of about ten feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: sun, part shade

Water: moist, well-drained soil, somewhat drought tolerant

Soil: adaptable to soil types, no other special requirements

This plant grows well in Jacksonville in a sunny or partly shaded site. It is often planted where a smaller shrub would be more appropriate. As a result, it is often trimmed so hard that it loses its natural beauty.