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Plants of the UNF Campus

Symphyotrichum carolinianum - Carolina aster, Climbing aster
Family Asteraceae


Relatively recently, the northern hemisphere genus Aster was separated into several separate genera. One result is that most of the true Aster species are found in Europe and Asia. Most of the North American species formerly known as Aster species were placed in the genus Symphyotrichum. Twenty-seven species of Symphyotrichum are native to Florida, alone. These are herbaceous annuals or perennials, often with showy flowers. The Carolina aster is a sprawling, somewhat viney plant with masses of large, lavender-blue flowers in fall. In nature, it can be found at the edges of fresh water.


See this plant along the wet natural areas of campus, like the Lake Oneida boardwalk.


Herbaceous perennial with scrambling stems to about five to ten feet long.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun

Water: moist soil or irrigation

Soil: moist soil, no other special requirements

This native plant is easy to grow in a sunny site with moist soil. Its growth habit may lend itself better to a natural garden than a formal garden.