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Plants of the UNF Campus

Symphyotrichum adnatum - Scaleleaf aster
Family Asteraceae


Relatively recently, the northern hemisphere genus Aster was separated into several genera. One result is that most of the true Aster species are found in Europe and Asia. Many of the North American species formerly known as Aster species were placed in the genus Symphyotrichum. Twenty-seven species of Symphyotrichum are native to Florida, alone. These are herbaceous annuals or perennials, often with showy flowers. The scaleleaf aster is native to a relatively small area of the United States from Louisiana to Georgia and Florida. has tiny, scale-like leaves that are pressed to the stem. The stems trail on the ground or rest on adjacent vegetation. The lavender daisies are nearly an inch across.


See this plant in dry, sandy natural areas of campus.


Herbaceous perennial about six inches tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun to part sun

Water: drought tolerant

Soil: well-drained

This native plant was not listed in Duval County by the Flora of Florida project when it was first observed in 2006. It grows under pines on a sandy, dry area in the north of the Sawmill Slough Preserve. It is not available in local nurseries.

Symphyotrichum adnatum