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Plants of the UNF Campus

Salvia x ‘Indigo Spires’ - Indigo Spires sage
Family Lamiaceae


Approximately 900 species of Salvia range around the world. Besides the use of several species as garden ornamentals, some are used as spices, foods, and aromatic oils. Indigo Spires sage is a hybrid between Salvia farinacea and S. longispicata originally discovered at Huntington Gardens in California. Flowers are purple-blue in color. They are attractive to bees, butterflies and other pollinators. In warm climates, it is evergreen. In north Florida, cold winters may kill it to the ground and it recovers in spring. It is a sterile hybrid so no seeds or seedlings are produced.


See plants at the entrance to parking lot 7.


A robust herbaceous perennial capable of reaching five feet in height with two foot long flower spikes.

Care Instructions:

Light: best in full sun

Water: average water requirements, tolerates some drought

Soil: very adaptable

This plant is an easy garden plant for a sunny spot. 

Salvia x indigo spires