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Plants of the UNF Campus

Rhaphiolepis indica - Indian hawthorne
Family Rosaceae


About fourteen species of Rhaphiolepis are native to Asia. Dwarf forms of Indian hawthorn are commonly cultivated on campus. These low evergreen shrubs have attractive clusters of white flowers in spring. Flowers are followed by small blue-black berries in fall. 


Plants can be seen in parking lot 2 in front of the library.


Medium-sized shrub to about six feet tall. Dwarf cultivars are dense shrubs to about three feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun to part shade

Water: drought tolerant once established

Soil: average soil, wide pH tolerance, no special requirements

Give Indian hawthorn a sunny, well-drained site for best results. It is susceptible to leaf fungal attacks where it is kept too moist and air circulation is poor. In our area, they flower in late February and early March. New leaves have a reddish cast for a few weeks.

Rhaphiolepis indica