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Plants of the UNF Campus

Quercus laurifolia - Swamp laurel oak
Family Fagaceae


About 600 species of oaks can be found around the world, mostly in the northern hemisphere. This is a native tree typically found in moist sites in Jacksonville. It becomes deciduous late in fall. Compared to other oaks, it is a faster grower with relatively brittle branches. This is not a valuable timber tree but is used for pulpwood and fuel wood. It produces an abundance of small acorns that serve as a food for wildlife.


Some authorities separate this species from the laurel oak, Quercus hemispherica. Reportedly, Q. hemispherica tends to grow on drier sites. Looking at cultivated plants on campus, the two types do not separate out neatly by foliage or winter bud characteristics.


Plants can be seen north of the fountain at the Arena.


Large tree that can grow to over one hundred feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun

Water: moderately drought tolerant when established

Soil: average garden soil, no special requirements

This oak is adaptable and easy to grow in north Florida. It grows best where the roots can reach moisture.