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Plants of the UNF Campus

Pyrrosia lingua - Tongue fern
Family Polypodiaceae


Approximately 100 species of Pyrrosia are native to the Old World tropics. Many are simple-leafed epiphytes. This little Japanese fern has a typical undivided leaf and spreads by a creeping stem. In the wild, it grows on rocks and onto trees. In cultivation, it grows well in the ground. The simple, evergreen leaves are held upright for an unusual texture in the landscape.


See plants at the north entry to parking garage 44.


Herbaceous perennial with leaves that grow to about nine inches tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: part shade to full shade

Water: moderate drought tolerance when established, will benefit from irrigation in a drought

Soil: average garden soil, no special requirements

This fern thrives in north Florida in a suitably moist, shady location.

Pyrrosia lingua