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Plants of the UNF Campus

Pityopsis gramnifolium - Silky golden aster
Family Asteraceae


About eight species of Pityopsis are native to North America from Canada to Mexico. This species is native to the southeastern United States. Narrow grass-like leaves rise from the ground about six inches. The leaves are covered in silvery hairs. Bright yellow daisies are borne on spikes that rise above the foliage. Plants slowly grow into tight clumps. According to Florida Ethnobotany (Daniel F. Austin, 2004), it has been used by native Americans for treating a variety of ailments.


See this plant in dry, sunny natural areas around campus.


Herbaceous perennial to twelve inches tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun to part sun

Water: drought tolerant

Soil: adaptable to a wide pH range, well-drained

While it is cultivated elsewhere in Florida for wildflower gardens, this native plant seems to be unavailable in northeast Florida nurseries. It is an attractive plant with potential for use in local gardens. It forms tight clumps and does not spread aggressively. Plant it in a sunny to partly sunny site with good drainage.