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Plants of the UNF Campus

Neomarica gracilis - Walking iris
Family Iridaceae


About a dozen species of Neomarica are native to Africa and tropical America. The foliage is similar to that of an iris and flowers may be white, yellow or blue. Walking iris has evergreen foliage. After flowering, the flower spikes lean to the ground and develop plantlets at the end, allowing the plant to quickly colonize a small area. 


See this plant on the west side of building 9.


Herbaceous plant with leaves about one foot tall. Flower spikes stand above the foliage.

Care Instructions:

Light: part shade to full shade

Water: average moisture, somewhat drought tolerant

Soil: average garden soil

This plant must be at or near its northern range in northeast Florida. It seems to thrive in the southern part of Jacksonville but died in the northern part of the city during a winter with a low of 18 F.

Neomarica gracilis