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Plants of the UNF Campus

Nandina domestica - Nandina, Heavenly bamboo
Family Berberidaceae


This is a genus of one species that is native to Asia. The wild-type plant has green leaves, reddish fall color, and orange-red berries. Various horticultural selections have been made that are smaller in size or have reddish foliage. Larger, typical plants produce large amounts of berries and will be replaced.


Some dwarf selections are reported to be sterile. However, at least one of these was shown to produce fruits in the landscape. The existing dwarf plants on campus will be evaluated for their invasive potential. 


A few of these plants remain scattered around campus. Staff is in the process of replacing them with plants that are not exotic pest plants.


A shrub to six feet or more tall.

Care Instructions:




This plant is listed as an exotic invasive plant by the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council, Category I. 

Nandina domestica